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  24 April 2018    
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Biological Sciences

Rgg-Shp regulators are important for pneumococcal colonization and invasion through their effect on mannose utilization and capsule synthesis ▶


Xiangyun Zhi, Iman Tajer Abdullah, Ozcan Gazioglu et al.


Simulated microgravity, Mars gravity, and 2g hypergravity affect cell cycle regulation, ribosome biogenesis, and epigenetics in Arabidopsis cell cultures ▶


Khaled Y. Kamal, Raúl Herranz, Jack J. W. A. van Loon et al.


Curcumin interacts directly with the Cysteine 259 residue of STAT3 and induces apoptosis in H-Ras transformed human mammary epithelial cells ▶


Young-Il Hahn, Su-Jung Kim, Bu-Young Choi et al.


Origin and evolution of fungal HECT ubiquitin ligases ▶


Ignacio Marín


Electrochemical affinity biosensors for fast detection of gene-specific methylations with no need for bisulfite and amplification treatments ▶


Eloy Povedano, Eva Vargas, Víctor Ruiz-Valdepeñas Montiel et al.


Transcriptome Analysis Reveals genes involved in flavonoid biosynthesis and accumulation in Dendrobium catenatum From Different Locations ▶


Zhouxi Lei, Chunhua Zhou, Xiaoyu Ji et al.


The observed alteration in BCL2 expression following lithium treatment is influenced by the choice of normalization method ▶


Damri Odeya, Agam Galila, Toker Lilah


SRC-like adaptor protein 2 (SLAP2) is a negative regulator of KIT-D816V-mediated oncogenic transformation ▶


Kaja Rupar, Sausan A. Moharram, Julhash U. Kazi et al.


Mitochondrial DNA induces Foley catheter related bladder inflammation via Toll-like receptor 9 activation ▶


Carlos A. Puyo, Alexander Earhart, Nicholas Staten et al.


Tau Internalization is Regulated by 6-O Sulfation on Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycans (HSPGs) ▶


Jennifer N. Rauch, John J. Chen, Alexander W. Sorum et al.


An epistatic effect of KRT25 on SP6 is involved in curly coat in horses ▶


Annika Thomer, Maren Gottschalk, Anna Christmann et al.


Endocannabinoids in Caenorhabditis elegans are essential for the mobilization of cholesterol from internal reserves ▶


Celina Galles, Gastón M. Prez, Sider Penkov et al.


Mousetap, a Novel Technique to Collect Uncontaminated Vitreous or Aqueous and Expand Usefulness of Mouse Models ▶


Seth D. Fortmann, Valeria E. Lorenc, Jikui Shen et al.


Spatial patterning of the Notch ligand Dll4 controls endothelial sprouting in vitro ▶


L. A. Tiemeijer, J-P. Frimat, O. M. J. A. Stassen et al.


Insular threat associations within taxa worldwide ▶


Camille Leclerc, Franck Courchamp, Céline Bellard


On-chip generation of microbubbles in photoacoustic contrast agents for dual modal ultrasound/photoacoustic in vivo animal imaging ▶


Dhiman Das, Kathyayini Sivasubramanian, Chun Yang et al.


Allostatic load as a predictor of grey matter volume and white matter integrity in old age: The Whitehall II MRI study ▶


Enikő Zsoldos, Nicola Filippini, Abda Mahmood et al.


Pivotal roles of Kupffer cells in the progression and regression of DDC-induced chronic cholangiopathy ▶


Leila Jemail, Masashi Miyao, Hirokazu Kotani et al.


On the role of the prefrontal cortex in fatigue effects on cognitive flexibility - a system neurophysiological approach ▶


Vanessa A. Petruo, Moritz Mückschel, Christian Beste


Development of new method to enrich human iPSC-derived renal progenitors using cell surface markers ▶


Azusa Hoshina, Tatsuya Kawamoto, Shin-Ichi Sueta et al.


Eco-evolutionary Feedbacks from Non-target Species Influence Harvest Yield and Sustainability ▶


Zachary T. Wood, Eric P. Palkovacs, Michael T. Kinnison


Spatiotemporal control of DNA-based chemical reaction network via electrochemical activation in microfluidics ▶


Ievgen Kurylo, Guillaume Gines, Yannick Rondelez et al.


Presence and User Experience in a Virtual Environment under the Influence of Ethanol: An Explorative Study ▶


Mario Lorenz, Jennifer Brade, Lisa Diamond et al.


Multifunctional activities of ERF109 as affected by salt stress in Arabidopsis ▶


Ahmed Bahieldin, Ahmed Atef, Sherif Edris et al.


Characterizing Cancer Drug Response and Biological Correlates: A Geometric Network Approach ▶


Maryam Pouryahya, Jung Hun Oh, James C. Mathews et al.


Geometric constraints of endothelial cell migration on electrospun fibres ▶


Maqsood Ahmed, Tiago Ramos, Paul Wieringa et al.


RUNX1 positively regulates the ErbB2/HER2 signaling pathway through modulating SOS1 expression in gastric cancer cells ▶


Yoshihide Mitsuda, Ken Morita, Gengo Kashiwazaki et al.


A microfluidic device for studying chemotaxis mechanism of bacterial cancer targeting ▶


Jing Song, Yu Zhang, Chengqian Zhang et al.


Parameterization of the vertical distribution of leaf area index (LAI) in rice (Oryza sativa L.) using a plant canopy analyzer ▶


Yoshihiro Hirooka, Koki Homma, Tatsuhiko Shiraiwa


Anisomycin prevents OGD-induced necroptosis by regulating the E3 ligase CHIP ▶


Mi-bo Tang, Yu-sheng Li, Shao-hua Li et al.


A novel in vitro metric predicts in vivo efficacy of inhaled silver-based antimicrobials in a murine Pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia model ▶


Parth N. Shah, Kush N. Shah, Justin A. Smolen et al.


Structural and kinetic basis for the selectivity of aducanumab for aggregated forms of amyloid-β ▶


Joseph W. Arndt, Fang Qian, Benjamin A. Smith et al.

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