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  02 May 2018    
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Chemical Sciences

Hydrogen-mediated magnetic domain formation and domain wall motion in Co30Pd70 alloy films ▶


Po-Chun Chang, Chak-Ming Liu, Chuan-Che Hsu et al.


Opto-mechanical lab-on-fibre seismic sensors detected the Norcia earthquake ▶


Marco Pisco, Francesco Antonio Bruno, Danilo Galluzzo et al.


Enhancement of UV Second-Harmonic Radiation at Nonlinear Interfaces with Discontinuous Second-order Susceptibilities ▶


Xiaohui Zhao, Yuanlin Zheng, Ning An et al.


In situ full-field measurement of surface oxidation on Ni-based alloy using high temperature scanning probe microscopy ▶


Yan Li, Xufei Fang, Zhe Qu et al.


Structural defects in a nanomesh of bulk MoS2 using an anodic aluminum oxide template for photoluminescence efficiency enhancement ▶


TaeWan Kim, DongHwan Kim, Chan Ho Choi et al.


Spin polarized semimagnetic exciton-polariton condensate in magnetic field ▶


Mateusz Król, Rafał Mirek, Katarzyna Lekenta et al.


Anisotropic diamond etching through thermochemical reaction between Ni and diamond in high-temperature water vapour ▶


Masatsugu Nagai, Kazuhiro Nakanishi, Hiraku Takahashi et al.


Improved method for estimating adlayer thickness and bulk RI change for gold nanocrescent sensors ▶


Ahmed Abumazwed, Wakana Kubo, Takuo Tanaka et al.


Local Moment Instability of Os in Honeycomb Li2.15Os0.85O3 ▶


M. K. Wallace, P. G. LaBarre, Jun Li et al.


Polarization noise places severe constraints on coherence of all-normal dispersion femtosecond supercontinuum generation ▶


Iván Bravo Gonzalo, Rasmus Dybbro Engelsholm, Mads Peter Sørensen et al.


Nanocrystalline Iron Monosulfides Near Stoichiometry ▶


Dennice M. Roberts, Alyssa R. Landin, Timothy G. Ritter et al.


Simulating SIR processes on networks using weighted shortest paths ▶


Dijana Tolić, Kaj-Kolja Kleineberg, Nino Antulov-Fantulin


Atomic optical stimulated amplifier with optical filtering of ultra-narrow bandwidth ▶


Duo Pan, Tiantian Shi, Bin Luo et al.


Theoretical prediction and atomic kinetic Monte Carlo simulations of void superlattice self-organization under irradiation ▶


Yipeng Gao, Yongfeng Zhang, Daniel Schwen et al.


Quantitative correlation between the void morphology of niobium-tin wires and their irreversible critical current degradation upon mechanical loading ▶


C. Barth, B. Seeber, A. Rack et al.


Design of Metamaterial Absorber using Eight-Resistive-Arm Cell for Simultaneous Broadband and Wide-Incidence-Angle Absorption ▶


Toan Trung Nguyen, Sungjoon Lim


Charge Carrier Scattering in Polymers: A New Neutral Coupled Soliton Channel ▶


Luiz Antonio Ribeiro, Fábio Ferreira Monteiro, Wiliam Ferreira da Cunha et al.


Nanofabrication of Conductive Metallic Structures on Elastomeric Materials ▶


Edward K. W. Tan, Girish Rughoobur, Juan Rubio-Lara et al.


Boosting Terahertz Photoconductive Antenna Performance with Optimised Plasmonic Nanostructures ▶


Sergey Lepeshov, Andrei Gorodetsky, Alexander Krasnok et al.


Structure and solvents effects on the optical properties of sugar-derived carbon nanodots ▶


Nikolaos Papaioannou, Adam Marinovic, Noriko Yoshizawa et al.


A unique hybrid-structured surface produced by rapid electrochemical anodization enhances bio-corrosion resistance and bone cell responses of β-type Ti-24Nb-4Zr-8Sn alloy ▶


Chia-Fei Liu, Tzu-Hsin Lee, Jeng-Fen Liu et al.


Controllable interlayer space effects of layered potassium triniobate nanoflakes on enhanced pH dependent adsorption-photocatalysis behaviors ▶


Qinglin Deng, Mengjiao Li, Junyong Wang et al.


Tilted grating phase-contrast computed tomography using statistical iterative reconstruction ▶


Lorenz Birnbacher, Manuel Viermetz, Wolfgang Noichl et al.


Dual Doppler Effect in Wedge-Type Photonic Crystals ▶


Qiang Jiang, Jiabi Chen, Liangcai Cao et al.


Dirac cone intensity asymmetry and surface magnetic field in V-doped and pristine topological insulators generated by synchrotron and laser radiation ▶


A. M. Shikin, A. A. Rybkina, D. A. Estyunin et al.


Dynamic Metasurface Aperture as Smart Around-the-Corner Motion Detector ▶


Philipp del Hougne, Mohammadreza F. Imani, Timothy Sleasman et al.


Rigid and concave, 2,4-cis-substituted azetidine derivatives: A platform for asymmetric catalysis ▶


Akina Yoshizawa, Antonio Feula, Louise Male et al.


Yucca fern shaped CuO nanowires on Cu foam for remitting capacity fading of Li-ion battery anodes ▶


Zhifeng Wang, Yanshan Zhang, Hanqing Xiong et al.


Magnetic Field Enhanced Superconductivity in Epitaxial Thin Film WTe2 ▶


Tomoya Asaba, Yongjie Wang, Gang Li et al.


Radiating pattern of surge-current-induced THz light in near-field and far-field zone ▶


J. W. Han, Y. G. Choi, J. S. Lee


Magnetic carboxyl functional nanoporous polymer: synthesis, characterization and its application for methylene blue adsorption ▶


Hongxin Su, Weiwei Li, Yide Han et al.


Low field magneto-tunable photocurrent in CoFe2O4 nanostructure films for enhanced photoelectrochemical properties ▶


Simrjit Singh, Neeraj Khare


A new model to predict the influence of surface temperature on contact angle ▶


Fabio Villa, Marco Marengo, Joël De Coninck


Analysis of Optimal Sequential State Discrimination for Linearly Independent Pure Quantum States ▶


Min Namkung, Younghun Kwon

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