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  15 May 2018    
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Biological Sciences

Genomic epidemiology of Shigella in the United Kingdom shows transmission of pathogen sublineages and determinants of antimicrobial resistance ▶


Kate S. Baker, Timothy J. Dallman, Nigel Field et al.


Daytime eyeshine contributes to pupil camouflage in a cryptobenthic marine fish ▶


Matteo Santon, Pierre-Paul Bitton, Ulrike K. Harant et al.


Role of IGF-1R in ameliorating apoptosis of GNE deficient cells ▶


Reema Singh, Priyanka Chaudhary, Ranjana Arya


A TPMS-based method for modeling porous scaffolds for bionic bone tissue engineering ▶


Jianping Shi, Liya Zhu, Lan Li et al.


Modulation of gene transcription and epigenetics of colon carcinoma cells by bacterial membrane vesicles ▶


Svitlana Vdovikova, Siv Gilfillan, Shixiong Wang et al.


Association of BET1L and TNRC6B with uterine leiomyoma risk and its relevant clinical features in Han Chinese population ▶


Bailing Liu, Tao Wang, Jue Jiang et al.


Amino acid compositions contribute to the proteins’ evolution under the influence of their abundances and genomic GC content ▶


Meng-Ze Du, Shuo Liu, Zhi Zeng et al.


Different rearing conditions alter gut microbiota composition and host physiology in Shaoxing ducks ▶


Shumei Wang, Li Chen, Maozhang He et al.


The Kindlin-2 regulation of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in breast cancer metastasis is mediated through miR-200b ▶


Khalid Sossey-Alaoui, Elzbieta Pluskota, Dorota Szpak et al.


Combination of anti-vascular agent - DMXAA and HIF-1α inhibitor - digoxin inhibits the growth of melanoma tumors ▶


Ryszard Smolarczyk, Tomasz Cichoń, Ewelina Pilny et al.


Salivary levels of total huntingtin are elevated in Huntington’s disease patients ▶


Jody Corey-Bloom, Ameera S. Haque, Sungmee Park et al.


Confirmation of brain death using optical methods based on tracking of an optical contrast agent: assessment of diagnostic feasibility ▶


Wojciech Weigl, Daniel Milej, Anna Gerega et al.


Reprogramming, oscillations and transdifferentiation in epigenetic landscapes ▶


Bivash Kaity, Ratan Sarkar, Buddhapriya Chakrabarti et al.


No evidence for the immunocompetence handicap hypothesis in male humans ▶


Judyta Nowak, Bogusław Pawłowski, Barbara Borkowska et al.


Complete mitochondrial and rDNA complex sequences of important vector species of Biomphalaria, obligatory hosts of the human-infecting blood fluke, Schistosoma mansoni ▶


Si-Ming Zhang, Lijing Bu, Martina R. Laidemitt et al.


Relevance of arginine residues in Cu(II)-induced DNA breakage and Proteinase K resistance of H1 histones ▶


Marina Piscopo, Marco Trifuoggi, Carmela Scarano et al.


Chronic stress of high dietary carbohydrate level causes inflammation and influences glucose transport through SOCS3 in Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus ▶


Kangyu Deng, Mingzhu Pan, Jiahuan Liu et al.


Inhibition of Bcl-2/Bcl-xL and c-MET causes synthetic lethality in model systems of glioblastoma ▶


Yiru Zhang, Chiaki Tsuge Ishida, Chang Shu et al.


Drivers of demographic decline across the annual cycle of a threatened migratory bird ▶


Scott Wilson, James F. Saracco, Richard Krikun et al.


DRP-1-mediated apoptosis induces muscle degeneration in dystrophin mutants ▶


Charlotte Scholtes, Stéphanie Bellemin, Edwige Martin et al.


Trivalent soluble TNF Receptor, a potent TNF-α antagonist for the treatment collagen-induced arthritis ▶


Xiaofang Cui, Linmo Chang, Youwei Li et al.


Functional expression of an oxygen-labile nitrogenase in an oxygenic photosynthetic organism ▶


Ryoma Tsujimoto, Hiroya Kotani, Konomi Yokomizo et al.


Trafficking, localization and degradation of the Na+,HCO3 co-transporter NBCn1 in kidney and breast epithelial cells ▶


Christina Wilkens Olesen, Jens Vogensen, Ida Axholm et al.


Dramatic dysbalancing of the Wnt pathway in breast cancers ▶


Alexey Koval, Vladimir L. Katanaev


Rivaroxaban does not influence hemorrhagic transformation in a diabetes ischemic stroke and endovascular thrombectomy model ▶


Feng-Di Liu, Rong Zhao, Xiao-Yan Feng et al.


Unexpected infection outcomes of China-origin H7N9 low pathogenicity avian influenza virus in turkeys ▶


Marek J. Slomka, Amanda H. Seekings, Sahar Mahmood et al.


Adeno-associated virus 2/9 delivery of Cre recombinase in mouse primary afferents ▶


Khaled Abdallah, Francis Nadeau, Francis Bergeron et al.


Auto-FPFA: An Automated Microscope for Characterizing Genetically Encoded Biosensors ▶


Tuan A. Nguyen, Henry L. Puhl, An K. Pham et al.


Calretinin Participates in Regulating Steroidogenesis by PLC-Ca2+-PKC Pathway in Leydig Cells ▶


Wendan Xu, Qian Zhu, Shan Liu et al.


Detection of Chlamydiaceae and Chlamydia-like organisms on the ocular surface of children and adults from a trachoma-endemic region ▶


Ehsan Ghasemian, Aleksandra Inic-Kanada, Astrid Collingro et al.


Human Cortex Spheroid with a Functional Blood Brain Barrier for High-Throughput Neurotoxicity Screening and Disease Modeling ▶


Goodwell Nzou, R. T. Wicks, E. E. Wicks et al.


A novel method for expansion and differentiation of mouse tracheal epithelial cells in culture ▶


Evelien Eenjes, Tinne C. J. Mertens, Marjon J. Buscop-van Kempen et al.


Anomalous Scaling of Gene Expression in Confined Cell-Free Reactions ▶


Ryota Sakamoto, Vincent Noireaux, Yusuke T. Maeda


Transcriptomic integration of D4R and MOR signaling in the rat caudate putamen ▶


Alejandra Valderrama-Carvajal, Haritz Irizar, Belén Gago et al.


Radioprotective effect of Date syrup on radiation- induced damage in Rats ▶


Shimaa M. Abou-Zeid, Badr E. EL-bialy, Nermeen B. EL-borai et al.


Contrasting roles for actin in the cellular uptake of cell penetrating peptide conjugates ▶


L. He, E. J. Sayers, P. Watson et al.


Neural network control of focal position during time-lapse microscopy of cells ▶


Ling Wei, Elijah Roberts


The Protease Activated Receptor2 Promotes Rab5a Mediated Generation of Pro-metastatic Microvesicles ▶


Kaushik Das, Ramesh Prasad, Sreetama Roy et al.


Colon Cancer-Upregulated Long Non-Coding RNA lincDUSP Regulates Cell Cycle Genes and Potentiates Resistance to Apoptosis ▶


Megan E. Forrest, Alina Saiakhova, Lydia Beard et al.


A novel potential primary method for quantification of enantiomers by high performance liquid chromatography-circular dichroism ▶


Yi Luo, Liqing Wu, Bin Yang et al.


Disruption of neonatal cardiomyocyte physiology following exposure to bisphenol-a ▶


Manelle Ramadan, Meredith Sherman, Rafael Jaimes et al.


Heritability of Sleep EEG Topography in Adolescence: Results from a Longitudinal Twin Study ▶


Andjela Markovic, Peter Achermann, Thomas Rusterholz et al.


A behavioral task with more opportunities for memory acquisition promotes the survival of new neurons in the adult dentate gyrus ▶


Ida E. J. Aasebø, Ameya Sanjay Kasture, Marzia Passeggeri et al.


Delayed and progressive damages to juvenile mice after moderate traumatic brain injury ▶


Shu Zhao, Xiaoting Wang, Xiang Gao et al.


Detection of Recent Myocardial Infarction Using Native T1 Mapping in a Swine Model: A Validation Study ▶


Chen Cui, Shuli Wang, Minjie Lu et al.


Maternal effects of the English grain aphids feeding on the wheat varieties with different resistance traits ▶


Xiang-Shun Hu, Zhan-Feng Zhang, Tong-Yi Zhu et al.


Genetic mapping identifies loci that influence tomato resistance against Colorado potato beetles ▶


Erandi Vargas-Ortiz, Itay Gonda, John R. Smeda et al.


Identification of a unique Radical SAM methyltransferase required for the sp3-C-methylation of an arginine residue of methyl-coenzyme M reductase ▶


Darja Deobald, Lorenz Adrian, Christian Schöne et al.


Morphoregulatory functions of the RNA-binding motif protein 3 in cell spreading, polarity and migration ▶


J. Pilotte, W. Kiosses, S. W. Chan et al.


Heart rate variability is associated with social value orientation in males but not females ▶


Alexander Lischke, Anett Mau-Moeller, Robert Jacksteit et al.


Expressional analysis of disease-relevant signalling-pathways in primary tumours and metastasis of head and neck cancers ▶


Dorothee Goesswein, Negusse Habtemichael, Aslihan Gerhold-Ay et al.


Considerations for Performing Level-2 Centiloid Transformations for Amyloid PET SUVR values ▶


Christopher G. Schwarz, Nirubol Tosakulwong, Matthew L. Senjem et al.


The protein kinase CK2 catalytic domain from Plasmodium falciparum: crystal structure, tyrosine kinase activity and inhibition ▶


David Ruiz-Carrillo, Jianqing Lin, Abbas El Sahili et al.


A single amino acid substitution in the Bombyx-specific mucin-like membrane protein causes resistance to Bombyx mori densovirus ▶


Katsuhiko Ito, Kurako Kidokoro, Susumu Katsuma et al.


Development of a lab-on-a-chip method for rapid assay of Xylella fastidiosa subsp. pauca strain CoDiRO ▶


Maria Serena Chiriacò, Andrea Luvisi, Elisabetta Primiceri et al.


Analysis of early changes in DNA methylation in synovial fibroblasts of RA patients before diagnosis ▶


Emmanuel Karouzakis, Karim Raza, Christoph Kolling et al.


Integrated analysis highlights APC11 protein expression as a likely new independent predictive marker for colorectal cancer ▶


Youenn Drouet, Isabelle Treilleux, Alain Viari et al.


Evaluation of pre-analytical factors affecting plasma DNA analysis ▶


Havell Markus, Tania Contente-Cuomo, Maria Farooq et al.


Magnetic Mesoporous Calcium Sillicate/Chitosan Porous Scaffolds for Enhanced Bone Regeneration and Photothermal-Chemotherapy of Osteosarcoma ▶


Fan Yang, Jiawei Lu, Qinfei Ke et al.


Dissection of niche competition between introduced and indigenous arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi with respect to soybean yield responses ▶


Rieko Niwa, Takuya Koyama, Takumi Sato et al.


Caller characteristics influence recruitment to collective anti-predator events in jackdaws ▶


Richard D. Woods, Michael Kings, Guillam E. McIvor et al.


Sporulation-specific cell division defects in ylmE mutants of Streptomyces coelicolor are rescued by additional deletion of ylmD ▶


Le Zhang, Joost Willemse, Paul A. Hoskisson et al.


Identification and application of exogenous dsRNA confers plant protection against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Botrytis cinerea ▶


Austein G. McLoughlin, Nick Wytinck, Philip L. Walker et al.


Co-regulation of photosynthetic capacity by nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium in a subtropical Karst forest in China ▶


Jing Wang, Xuefa Wen, Xinyu Zhang et al.


A double helical motif in OCIAD2 is essential for its localization, interactions and STAT3 activation ▶


Saloni Sinha, Venkata Anudeep Bheemsetty, Maneesha S. Inamdar


Classical and alternative complement activation on photoreceptor outer segments drives monocyte-dependent retinal atrophy ▶


Kenneth J. Katschke, Hongkang Xi, Christian Cox et al.


Assessment of Pulmonary Gas Transport in Rabbits Using Hyperpolarized Xenon-129 Magnetic Resonance Imaging ▶


Kai Ruppert, Hooman Hamedani, Faraz Amzajerdian et al.


Transcriptomic analysis of crustacean molting gland (Y-organ) regulation via the mTOR signaling pathway ▶


S. Shyamal, S. Das, A. Guruacharya et al.


Design, characterization and in vivo performance of synthetic 2 mm-diameter vessel grafts made of PVA-gelatin blends ▶


M. Atlan, T. Simon-Yarza, J. M. Ino et al.


Identification of new EphA4 inhibitors by virtual screening of FDA-approved drugs ▶


Shuo Gu, Wing-Yu Fu, Amy K. Y. Fu et al.


Carotenoid distribution in wild Japanese tree frogs (Hyla japonica) exposed to ionizing radiation in Fukushima ▶


Mathieu Giraudeau, Jean-Marc Bonzom, Simon Ducatez et al.


Genome-wide prediction of CRISPR/Cas9 targets in Kluyveromyces marxianus and its application to obtain a stable haploid strain ▶


Ming-Hsuan Lee, Jinn-Jy Lin, Yu-Ju Lin et al.


Substrate specificity of human MCPIP1 endoribonuclease ▶


Mateusz Wilamowski, Andrzej Gorecki, Marta Dziedzicka-Wasylewska et al.


In vivo Molecular Imaging of Glutamate Carboxypeptidase II Expression in Re-endothelialisation after Percutaneous Balloon Denudation in a Rat Model ▶


Heike Endepols, Felix M. Mottaghy, Sakine Simsekyilmaz et al.


Mitochondrial Complex I activity signals antioxidant response through ERK5 ▶


Abrar Ul Haq Khan, Nerea Allende-Vega, Delphine Gitenay et al.


Synchronisation of parental behaviours reduces the risk of nest predation in a socially monogamous passerine bird ▶


K. Leniowski, E. Węgrzyn


Molecular mechanism of ER stress-induced pre-emptive quality control involving association of the translocon, Derlin-1, and HRD1 ▶


Hisae Kadowaki, Pasjan Satrimafitrah, Yasunari Takami et al.


Complex housing causes a robust increase in dendritic complexity and spine density of medial prefrontal cortical neurons ▶


Archana Ashokan, Jamien Wee Han Lim, Nicholas Hang et al.


Acquisition and dissemination of cephalosporin-resistant E. coli in migratory birds sampled at an Alaska landfill as inferred through genomic analysis ▶


Christina A. Ahlstrom, Jonas Bonnedahl, Hanna Woksepp et al.


A Phase I Clinical Trial with Ex Vivo Expanded Recipient Regulatory T cells in Living Donor Kidney Transplants ▶


James M. Mathew, Jessica H.-Voss, Ann LeFever et al.


Monoaminergic levels at the forebrain and diencephalon signal for the occurrence of mutualistic and conspecific engagement in client reef fish ▶


Murilo S. Abreu, João P. M. Messias, Per-Ove Thörnqvist et al.


Screen and Verification for Transgene Integration Sites in Pigs ▶


Linyuan Ma, Yuzhe Wang, Haitao Wang et al.


MiR-23a transcriptional activated by Runx2 increases metastatic potential of mouse hepatoma cell via directly targeting Mgat3 ▶


Huang Huang, Yubo Liu, Peishan Yu et al.


A machine learning model with human cognitive biases capable of learning from small and biased datasets ▶


Hidetaka Taniguchi, Hiroshi Sato, Tomohiro Shirakawa


Unexpectedly rapid evolution of mandibular shape in hominins ▶


P. Raia, M. Boggioni, F. Carotenuto et al.


Recruitment Drives Spatial Variation in Recovery Rates of Resilient Coral Reefs ▶


Sally J. Holbrook, Thomas C. Adam, Peter J. Edmunds et al.


Dose-dependent decrease in anti-oxidant capacity of whole blood after irradiation: A novel potential marker for biodosimetry ▶


Lue Sun, Yohei Inaba, Keizo Sato et al.


Sex-specific glioma genome-wide association study identifies new risk locus at 3p21.31 in females, and finds sex-differences in risk at 8q24.21 ▶


Quinn T. Ostrom, Ben Kinnersley, Margaret R. Wrensch et al.


Isozyme-specific comprehensive characterization of transglutaminase-crosslinked substrates in kidney fibrosis ▶


Hideki Tatsukawa, Risa Otsu, Yuji Tani et al.


Majority of Chinese Medicine Herb Category “Qing Re Yao” Have Multiple Mechanisms of Anti-inflammatory Activity ▶


Fulan Guan, Wing Lam, Rong Hu et al.


Re-exploration of U’s Triangle Brassica Species Based on Chloroplast Genomes and 45S nrDNA Sequences ▶


Chang-Kug Kim, Young-Joo Seol, Sampath Perumal et al.


Cloning and characterization of a pyrethroid pesticide decomposing esterase gene, Est3385, from Rhodopseudomonas palustris PSB-S ▶


Xiangwen Luo, Deyong Zhang, Xuguo Zhou et al.


The amino acid selected for generating mutant TbpB antigens defective in binding transferrin can compromise the in vivo protective capacity ▶


João Antônio Guizzo, Somshukla Chaudhuri, Simone Ramos Prigol et al.


qSR: a quantitative super-resolution analysis tool reveals the cell-cycle dependent organization of RNA Polymerase I in live human cells ▶


J. O. Andrews, W. Conway, W -K. Cho et al.


Roles of Enhancer RNAs in RANKL-induced Osteoclast Differentiation Identified by Genome-wide Cap-analysis of Gene Expression using CRISPR/Cas9 ▶


Yukako Sakaguchi, Keizo Nishikawa, Shigeto Seno et al.


MicroRNA and transcriptome analysis in periocular Sebaceous Gland Carcinoma ▶


John C. Bladen, Jun Wang, Ajanthah Sangaralingam et al.


Environmental suitability models predict population density, performance and body condition for microendemic salamanders ▶


Enrico Lunghi, Raoul Manenti, Manuela Mulargia et al.


Breast cancer associated germline structural variants harboring small noncoding RNAs impact post-transcriptional gene regulation ▶


Mahalakshmi Kumaran, Preethi Krishnan, Carol E. Cass et al.


Sex-related differences in vision are heterogeneous ▶


Albulena Shaqiri, Maya Roinishvili, Lukasz Grzeczkowski et al.


Novel canine circovirus strains from Thailand: Evidence for genetic recombination ▶


Chutchai Piewbang, Wendy K. Jo, Christina Puff et al.


Structure and crystallography of foliated and chalk shell microstructures of the oyster Magallana: the same materials grown under different conditions ▶


Antonio G. Checa, Elizabeth M. Harper, Alicia González-Segura


Simultaneous Amelioratation of Colitis and Liver Injury in Mice by Bifidobacterium longum LC67 and Lactobacillus plantarum LC27 ▶


Se-Eun Jang, Jin-Ju Jeong, Jeon-Kyung Kim et al.


Caveolin-3 differentially orchestrates cholinergic and serotonergic constriction of murine airways ▶


M. Keshavarz, M. Skill, M. I. Hollenhorst et al.


GBR membrane of novel poly (butylene succinate-co-glycolate) co-polyester co-polymer for periodontal application ▶


Seyedramin Pajoumshariati, Hadi Shirali, Seyedeh Kimia Yavari et al.


PLGA nanoparticles co-delivering MDR1 and BCL2 siRNA for overcoming resistance of paclitaxel and cisplatin in recurrent or advanced ovarian cancer ▶


Chitra Risnayanti, Yeong-Su Jang, Jinju Lee et al.


Hepatic stellate cells secrete Ccl5 to induce hepatocyte steatosis ▶


Byeong-Moo Kim, Ahmed Maher Abdelfattah, Robin Vasan et al.


Urban sparrows respond to a sexually selected trait with increased aggression in noise ▶


Jennifer N. Phillips, Elizabeth P. Derryberry


Immunoprofiling of Chlamydia trachomatis using whole-proteome microarrays generated by on-chip in situ expression ▶


Katrin Hufnagel, Smiths Lueong, Martina Willhauck-Fleckenstein et al.


Aurora kinase A (AURKA) interaction with Wnt and Ras-MAPK signalling pathways in colorectal cancer ▶


Annika Jacobsen, Linda J. W. Bosch, Sanne R. Martens-de Kemp et al.


Substrate sequence selectivity of APOBEC3A implicates intra-DNA interactions ▶


Tania V. Silvas, Shurong Hou, Wazo Myint et al.


Allatostatin C modulates nociception and immunity in Drosophila ▶


Nathaniel D. Bachtel, Gary A. Hovsepian, Douglas F. Nixon et al.


Generation and characterisation of a parkin-Pacrg knockout mouse line and a Pacrg knockout mouse line ▶


Sarah E. M. Stephenson, Timothy D. Aumann, Juliet M. Taylor et al.


Beliefs about others’ intentions determine whether cooperation is the faster choice ▶


Juana Castro Santa, Filippos Exadaktylos, Salvador Soto-Faraco


The electron distribution in the “activated” state of cytochrome c oxidase ▶


Jóhanna Vilhjálmsdóttir, Robert B. Gennis, Peter Brzezinski


Low energy cost for cultured pearl formation in grafted chimeric Pinctada margaritifera ▶


Gilles Le Moullac, Claude Soyez, Chin-Long Ky


Bioinspired detoxification of blood: The efficient removal of anthrax toxin protective antigen using an extracorporeal macroporous adsorbent device ▶


Ganesh Ingavle, Les Baillie, Nathan Davies et al.


Silver nanoparticles promote the emergence of heterogeneic human neutrophil sub-populations ▶


Jennifer A. Fraser, Sadie Kemp, Lesley Young et al.


Gestational oral low-dose estradiol-17β induces altered DNA methylation of CDKN2D and PSAT1 in embryos and adult offspring ▶


Vera A. van der Weijden, Veronika L. Flöter, Susanne E. Ulbrich


Live-cell imaging of nuclear–chromosomal dynamics in bovine in vitro fertilised embryos ▶


Tatsuma Yao, Rie Suzuki, Natsuki Furuta et al.


Virulent PB1-F2 residues: effects on fitness of H1N1 influenza A virus in mice and changes during evolution of human influenza A viruses ▶


Irina V. Alymova, Jonathan A. McCullers, Ram P. Kamal et al.


Sex Differences in Cognitive Decline in Subjects with High Likelihood of Mild Cognitive Impairment due to Alzheimer’s disease ▶


Dongwha Sohn, Katie Shpanskaya, Joseph E. Lucas et al.


Neuro-inflammatory effects of photodegradative products of bilirubin ▶


J. Jašprová, M Dal Ben, D. Hurný et al.


Effect of Bmi1 over-expression on gene expression in adult and embryonic murine neural stem cells ▶


Mythily Ganapathi, Nathan C. Boles, Carol Charniga et al.


A rapid and nondestructive protocol for whole-mount bone staining of small fish and Xenopus ▶


Hiromi Sakata-Haga, Maimi Uchishiba, Hiroki Shimada et al.


The effect of the total small vessel disease burden on the structural brain network ▶


Xiaopei Xu, Kui Kai Lau, Yuen Kwun Wong et al.


Novel method for rapid toxicity screening of magnetic nanoparticles ▶


A. Erofeev, P. Gorelkin, A. Garanina et al.


Advantageous environment of micro-patterned, high-density complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor electrode array for spiral ganglion neurons cultured in vitro ▶


Viktorija Radotić, Dries Braeken, Petar Drviš et al.


Novel erythrocyte clumps revealed by an orphan gene Newtic1 in circulating blood and regenerating limbs of the adult newt ▶


Roman M. Casco-Robles, Akihiko Watanabe, Ko Eto et al.


Nanovesicles from adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells inhibit T lymphocyte trafficking and ameliorate chronic experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis ▶


Alessia Farinazzo, Stefano Angiari, Ermanna Turano et al.


Two new cellulolytic fungal species isolated from a 19th-century art collection ▶


Carolina Coronado-Ruiz, Roberto Avendaño, Efraín Escudero-Leyva et al.


Anticancer activity and antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity of novel anti-nucleolin antibodies ▶


Sofia Romano, Vera Moura, Sérgio Simões et al.


Humanizing Miniature Hearts through 4-Flow Cannulation Perfusion Decellularization and Recellularization ▶


Duong T. Nguyen, Matthew O’Hara, Cecilia Graneli et al.


Lantibiotic production is a burden for the producing staphylococci ▶


Patrick Ebner, Sebastian Reichert, Arif Luqman et al.


Informative three-dimensional survey of cell/tissue architectures in thick paraffin sections by simple low-vacuum scanning electron microscopy ▶


Akira Sawaguchi, Takeshi Kamimura, Atsushi Yamashita et al.


Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 4 Gamma 1 (eIF4G1) is upregulated during Prostate cancer progression and modulates cell growth and metastasis ▶


Praveen Kumar Jaiswal, Sweaty Koul, Prakash S. T. Shanmugam et al.


A finely resolved phylogeny of Y chromosome Hg J illuminates the processes of Phoenician and Greek colonizations in the Mediterranean ▶


Andrea Finocchio, Beniamino Trombetta, Francesco Messina et al.


Transcriptome and Co-Expression Network Analyses Identify Key Genes Regulating Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Brassica juncea L. ▶


Parul Goel, Nitesh Kumar Sharma, Monika Bhuria et al.


Exploring DNA quality of single cells for genome analysis with simultaneous whole-genome amplification ▶


Christiane Bäumer, Evelyn Fisch, Holger Wedler et al.


Improvement of the activity of the anti-HIV-1 integrase aptamer T30175 by introducing a modified thymidine into the loops ▶


Antonella Virgilio, Teresa Amato, Luigi Petraccone et al.


Peripheral N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor localization and role in gastric acid secretion regulation: immunofluorescence and pharmacological studies ▶


Iuliia Golovynska, Tatiana V. Beregova, Tatiana M. Falalyeyeva et al.


Genotype I of Japanese Encephalitis Virus Virus-like Particles Elicit Sterilizing Immunity against Genotype I and III Viral Challenge in Swine ▶


Yi-Chin Fan, Jo-Mei Chen, Jen-Wei Lin et al.


Clinically relevant mutations in the ABCG2 transporter uncovered by genetic analysis linked to erythrocyte membrane protein expression ▶


Boglárka Zámbó, Zsuzsa Bartos, Orsolya Mózner et al.


Probiotic Lactobacillus fermentum strain JDFM216 stimulates the longevity and immune response of Caenorhabditis elegans through a nuclear hormone receptor ▶


Mi Ri Park, Sangdon Ryu, Brighton E. Maburutse et al.


Pb(II) Induces Scramblase Activation and Ceramide-Domain Generation in Red Blood Cells ▶


Hasna Ahyayauch, Aritz B. García-Arribas, Jesús Sot et al.


Relationship Between Homodimeric Glucocorticoid Receptor and Transcriptional Regulation Assessed via an In Vitro Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy-Microwell System ▶


Sho Oasa, Shintaro Mikuni, Johtaro Yamamoto et al.


Sea Lions Develop Human-like Vernix Caseosa Delivering Branched Fats and Squalene to the GI Tract ▶


Dong Hao Wang, Rinat Ran-Ressler, Judy St Leger et al.


Xiaoshuan enteric-coated capsule alleviates cognitive impairment by enhancing hippocampal glucose metabolism, hemodynamics and neuroplasticity of rat with chronic cerebral hypoperfusion ▶


Man-zhong Li, Yi Zhang, Hai-yan Zou et al.


Nutrient depletion-induced production of tri-acylated glycerophospholipids in Acinetobacter radioresistens ▶


Yu Luo, Muhammad Afzal Javed, Harry Deneer et al.


The bipartite mitochondrial genome of Ruizia karukerae (Rhigonematomorpha, Nematoda) ▶


Taeho Kim, Elizabeth Kern, Chungoo Park et al.


Screening for the anti-inflammation quality markers of Xiaojin Pills based on HPLC-MS/MS method, COX-2 inhibition test and protein interaction network ▶


Xi Xiong, Ya-nan He, Bi Feng et al.


Precocious deposition of perineuronal nets on Parvalbumin inhibitory neurons transplanted into adult visual cortex ▶


Karen P. Bradshaw, Dario X. Figueroa Velez, Mariyam Habeeb et al.

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Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 


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Universität Potsdam 


Research Fellow - Physics


University of Auckland 


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29.06.18 New York, USA


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