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  22 May 2018    
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Chemical Sciences

Selective equal spin Andreev reflection at vortex core center in magnetic semiconductor-superconductor heterostructure ▶


Chuang Li, Lun-Hui Hu, Yi Zhou et al.


Physical properties and field-induced metamagnetic transitions in UAu0.8Sb2 ▶


Wen Zhang, Chunyu Guo, Donghua Xie et al.


Passive Millimeter Wave Imaging System Based on Helical Scanning ▶


Yang Meng, Anyong Qing, Chuan Lin et al.


Prediction of Moisture Content for Congou Black Tea Withering Leaves Using Image Features and Nonlinear Method ▶


Gaozhen Liang, Chunwang Dong, Bin Hu et al.


Remote heat dissipation in atom-sized contacts ▶


Makusu Tsutsui, Takanori Morikawa, Kazumichi Yokota et al.


B-periodic oscillations in the Hall-resistance induced by a dc-current-bias under combined microwave-excitation and dc-current bias in the GaAs/AlGaAs 2D system ▶


Han-Chun Liu, C. Reichl, W. Wegscheider et al.


High Quality 3D Photonics using Nano Imprint Lithography of Fast Sol-gel Materials ▶


Ofer Bar-On, Philipp Brenner, Tobias Siegle et al.


Bending-loss-independent operation of slope-assisted Brillouin optical correlation-domain reflectometry ▶


Heeyoung Lee, Tianyi Ma, Yosuke Mizuno et al.


Polarization-independent circulator based on ferrite and plasma materials in two-dimensional photonic crystal ▶


Xiang Xi, Mi Lin, Wenbiao Qiu et al.


High electromechanical strain and enhanced temperature characteristics in lead-free (Na,Bi)TiO3–BaTiO3 thin films on Si substrates ▶


Yoshiaki Tanaka, Shoji Okamoto, Kazuya Hashimoto et al.


Shining Light on Molecular Mechanism for Odor-selectivity of CNT-immobilized Olfactory Receptor ▶


Liyun Zhang, Yuan Yuan, Tian Ren et al.


Quantum-Optically Enhanced STORM (QUEST) for Multi-Emitter Localization ▶


Marc Aßmann


Magneto-absorption spectra of hydrogen-like yellow exciton series in cuprous oxide: excitons in strong magnetic fields ▶


Sergey Artyukhin, Dmitry Fishman, Clément Faugeras et al.


Synchronised dual-wavelength mode-locking in waveguide lasers ▶


Wen Qi Zhang, David G. Lancaster, Tanya M. Monro et al.


Electronic states of deep trap levels in a-plane GaN templates grown on r-plane sapphire by HVPE ▶


Moonsang Lee, Thi Kim Oanh Vu, Kyoung Su Lee et al.


Anti-reflectance investigation of a micro-nano hybrid structure fabricated by dry/wet etching methods ▶


Xiao Tan, Zhi Tao, Mingxing Yu et al.


Formation of zinc sulfide species during roasting of ZnO with pyrite and its contribution on flotation ▶


Yong-xing Zheng, Jin-fang Lv, Hua Wang et al.


Plasmon excitations with a semi-integer angular momentum ▶


J. T. Mendonça, A. Serbeto, J. Vieira


Strain induced electronic structure variation in methyl-ammonium lead iodide perovskite ▶


Le Zhang, Wei Geng, Chuan-jia Tong et al.


Nanofocusing of structured light for quadrupolar light-matter interactions ▶


Kyosuke Sakai, Takeaki Yamamoto, Keiji Sasaki


A comprehensive study on microstructure and tensile behaviour of a selectively laser melted stainless steel ▶


Chunlei Qiu, Mohammed Al Kindi, Aiman Salim Aladawi et al.


Origin of magnetic properties in carbon implanted ZnO nanowires ▶


Y. F. Wang, Y. C. Shao, S. H. Hsieh et al.


Coherent control schemes for the photoionization of neon and helium in the Extreme Ultraviolet spectral region ▶


Luca Giannessi, Enrico Allaria, Kevin C. Prince et al.


Noninvasive low-cycle fatigue characterization at high depth with photoacoustic eigen-spectrum analysis ▶


Xiaoxiang Gao, Chao Tao, Rong Zhu et al.


Layer-by-layer siRNA/poly(L-lysine) Multilayers on Polydopamine-coated Surface for Efficient Cell Adhesion and Gene Silencing ▶


Cheol Am Hong, Ho Yeon Son, Yoon Sung Nam


Terahertz-driven polymerization of resists in nanoantennas ▶


Woongkyu Park, Youjin Lee, Taehee Kang et al.


Photonic glass for high contrast structural color ▶


Guoliang Shang, Lukas Maiwald, Hagen Renner et al.


Nanojunction Effects on Water Flow in Carbon Nanotubes ▶


Fatemeh Ebrahimi, Farzaneh Ramazani, Muhammad Sahimi


New insights into mechanisms of material ejection in MALDI mass spectrometry for a wide range of spot sizes ▶


Marcel Niehaus, Jens Soltwisch


Therapeutic nanoparticles penetrate leaves and deliver nutrients to agricultural crops ▶


Avishai Karny, Assaf Zinger, Ashima Kajal et al.


Passive temperature control based on a phase change metasurface ▶


Sheng-Rui Wu, Kuan-Lin Lai, Chih-Ming Wang


High-speed Fourier ptychographic microscopy based on programmable annular illuminations ▶


Jiasong Sun, Chao Zuo, Jialin Zhang et al.


Electrically and Thermally Conductive Carbon Fibre Fabric Reinforced Polymer Composites Based on Nanocarbons and an In-situ Polymerizable Cyclic Oligoester ▶


Ji-un Jang, Hyeong Cheol Park, Hun Su Lee et al.


Superconducting and normal-state anisotropy of the doped topological insulator Sr0.1Bi2Se3 ▶


M. P. Smylie, K. Willa, H. Claus et al.


Microwave effects in the dilute acid hydrolysis of cellulose to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural ▶


Nick Sweygers, Niels Alewaters, Raf Dewil et al.


Large positive linear magnetoresistance in the two-dimensional t 2g electron gas at the EuO/SrTiO3 interface ▶


Kristy J. Kormondy, Lingyuan Gao, Xiang Li et al.


Hcp/fcc nucleation in bcc iron under different anisotropic compressions at high strain rate: Molecular dynamics study ▶


Jian-Li Shao, Pei Wang, Feng-Guo Zhang et al.


Towards a petawatt-class few-cycle infrared laser system via dual-chirped optical parametric amplification ▶


Yuxi Fu, Katsumi Midorikawa, Eiji J. Takahashi


Optimal Design of Miniaturized Reflecting Metasurfaces for Ultra-Wideband and Angularly Stable Polarization Conversion ▶


Michele Borgese, Filippo Costa, Simone Genovesi et al.


Yttrium (III) Recovery with D2EHPA in Pseudo-Emulsion Hollow Fiber Strip Dispersion System ▶


Teerapon Pirom, Amornchai Arponwichanop, Ura Pancharoen et al.


Vector polymorphic beam ▶


José A. Rodrigo, Tatiana Alieva


Relativistic finite-difference time-domain analysis of high-speed moving metamaterials ▶


Yan Zhao, Sarawuth Chaimool


Simple analytical model of the effect of high pressure on the critical temperature and other thermodynamic properties of superconductors ▶


Mateusz Krzyzosiak, Ryszard Gonczarek, Adam Gonczarek et al.


Nonlocal Position Changes of a Photon Revealed by Quantum Routers ▶


Avshalom C. Elitzur, Eliahu Cohen, Ryo Okamoto et al.


Highly reproducible alkali metal doping system for organic crystals through enhanced diffusion of alkali metal by secondary thermal activation ▶


Jinho Lee, Chibeom Park, Intek Song et al.


A Pulse-Biasing Small-Signal Measurement Technique Enabling 40 MHz Operation of Vertical Organic Transistors ▶


Bahman Kheradmand-Boroujeni, Markus P. Klinger, Axel Fischer et al.


Cu/Cu2O nanocomposite films as a p-type modified layer for efficient perovskite solar cells ▶


You-Jyun Chen, Ming-Hsien Li, Jung-Chun-Andrew Huang et al.


Turbulence and Cavitation Suppression by Quaternary Ammonium Salt Additives ▶


Homa Naseri, Kieran Trickett, Nicholas Mitroglou et al.


Solid dissolution in a fluid solvent is characterized by the interplay of surface area-dependent diffusion and physical fragmentation ▶


R. J. Seager, Andrew J. Acevedo, Fabian Spill et al.


Motion compensated micro-CT reconstruction for in-situ analysis of dynamic processes ▶


Thomas De Schryver, Manuel Dierick, Marjolein Heyndrickx et al.

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