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Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

CRISPR Gene-Edited Cell Libraries: Rapid validation of research
Dr. Daniella Steel discusses how you can quickly validate your research saving precious time and resources with Horizon's CRISPR Gene-Edited Cell Line Libraries 

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June 2018 Volume 17, Issue 6

News and Analysis
Research Highlights
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Nature Research
Custom presents a webcast on: Saving an Enzymatic HTS Assay with Sound
Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Labcyte and Servier will present a recent experiment about Echo technology. Learn about the solutions for a robust enzymatic HTS assay and absorption issue.
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Sponsored by: Labcyte 


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nature.com webcasts

Nature Research Custom Media presents a webcast on: Ultra-Sensitive Immunoassays: Beyond Biomarkers and into PK and Immunogenicity

Date: Thursday, June 21, 2018

Dr. Daniel Sikkema, Vice President of Quanterix will present the latest advances in biomarker testing and how to solve drug tolerance and characterization issues for immunogenicity.

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Accelerated approval of medicines: fit for purpose?    pp379 - 380
Alasdair Breckenridge & Lawrence Liberti
The uptake of a new medicine represents a balance between benefit-risk assessment and value considerations. In the case of products approved via accelerated pathways, the increased uncertainty adds to the challenge. Here, we suggest solutions so that regulators, companies, payers and patients can align around management of the uncertainties and expectations.

News and Analysis


Sepsis researchers set sights on immunotherapeutic strategies    pp381 - 383
Asher Mullard
Two immune-boosting strategies have independently indicated promise in sepsis clinical trials, after years of failures with anti-inflammatories in this same space. Will it be enough to take sepsis drug development out of 'critical condition'?

When drugs unintentionally affect gut bugs    pp383 - 384
Cassandra Willyard
Many drugs unexpectedly influence the human gut microbiome, showed a recent study, prompting questions about toxicity assays, clinical implications and repurposing opportunities.

News in Brief

BACE failures lower AD expectations, again    p385
Asher Mullard

On the origin of transformative drugs    p385
Asher Mullard

FDA approves first-in-class SYK inhibitor    p385
Asher Mullard

An Audience With

Norbert Bischofberger    pp386 - 387
Norbert Bischofberger, former CSO of Gilead, discusses antiviral opportunities, Gilead's pivot to oncology and the need for a societal discussion of drug costs.

From the analyst's couch

What drives site performance in clinical trials?    pp389 - 390
Brendan Smith, Linda Martin, Scott Martin, Maria Denslow, Melissa Hutchens, Conrad Hawkins, Valery Panier & Michael S. Ringel
This article highlights results from a comprehensive study of the performance of clinical trial sites, which could help companies understand the underlying drivers of success.

nature.com webcasts

Nature Research Custom presents a webcast on: Multicolour Digital PCR for ctDNA detection in breast cancer

Date: 12 June 2018

Dr. Isaac Garcia-Murillas from ICR will address the technical challenges for clinical utility of liquid biopsy and ctDNA as a biomarker in breast cancer.

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Research Highlights


Neurodegenerative disorders: Rescuing mitochondrial motility    p391
Sarah Crunkhorn

Neuroscience: Reconnecting the brain after injury    p392
M. Teresa Villanueva

Cancer: Personalized cancer vaccines hit the spot    p393
Megan Cully

In Brief

Cancer: Preventing metastatic relapse    p394
Sarah Crunkhorn

Autoimmune disease: Targeting glucose transport in psoriasis    p394
Sarah Crunkhorn

Liver disease: Reducing cancer risk    p394
Sarah Crunkhorn

Cancer: Restoring p53 activity    p394
Sarah Crunkhorn

Antibacterial drugs: Disrupting MRSA 'persisters'    p394
Conor A. Bradley

Drug Discovery
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Multiple Faculty Positions at ShanghaiTech University
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CNR Institute of Nanotechnology
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nature.com webcasts

Nature Research Custom presents a webcast on: Structural Tools In Your MS Tool Box

Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Dr. David Schriemer will provide some insights on how data from electron microscopy, H/D exchange and crosslinking mass spectrometry can be used together to solve complex structure-function problems.

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Interleukin-6: designing specific therapeutics for a complex cytokine    pp395 - 412
Christoph Garbers, Sylvia Heink, Thomas Korn & Stefan Rose-John
Dysregulation of IL-6 signalling is associated with inflammatory and lymphoproliferative disorders, and several classes of therapeutics have been developed that target components of the IL-6 signalling pathway. This Review describes the progress made in recent years in inhibiting IL-6-signalling and analyses the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches.

Post-exposure treatments for Ebola and Marburg virus infections    pp413 - 434
Robert W. Cross, Chad E. Mire, Heinz Feldmann & Thomas W. Geisbert
Efforts towards developing post-exposure therapies for infections with filoviruses, particularly Ebola and Marburg viruses, increased substantially during the Ebola virus outbreak of 2013-2016. Geisbert and colleagues review the progress made on this front and discuss the challenges and opportunities for developing post-exposure therapies in the future.

RNA-modifying proteins as anticancer drug targets    pp435 - 453
P. Ann Boriack-Sjodin, Scott Ribich & Robert A. Copeland
Covalent modifications of RNA — mediated by RNA-modifying proteins (RMPs) — affect RNA stability and translation to proteins, and some of these RMPs have been implicated in cancer. Here, Copeland and colleagues review the current understanding of RNA modifications with a focus on mRNA methylation and assess the potential of RMPs as novel anticancer targets.

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