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July 2018 Volume 12, Issue 7

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Faster than the Fastest
HIGHFINESSE wavelength meters offer the highest precision and unmatched speed. They enable measurements with an unrivaled accuracy of 2 MHz, a 200 kHz resolution and up to 76 kHz acquisition speed, covering an extremely broad range of 192 nm to 11 µm. Solid state Fizeau interferometers achieve this ultimate performance which also supports pulsed lasers. Complex experiments with up to eight lasers can be stabilized, such as TOPTICA's tunable diode lasers.

Making data more accessible

Ying Sun is a multi-award-winning statistician who is inspired by the value of statistics in solving real-world problems.

Discover more about Prof. Sun's latest efforts.


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Keeping up the momentum    p375

Books & Arts


On our bookshelf    p376
Rachel Won

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Research Highlights


Encouraging instability    p377
David F. P. Pile

Twin-field QKD    p377
David F. P. Pile

Attosecond resolution    p377
Noriaki Horiuchi

Molecular sensing    p377
Oliver Graydon

Tunable comb    p377
Rachel Won

Nature Photonics
JOBS of the week
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New York University (NYU) Medical Center
Postdoctoral position in Chemistry (NMR-based structural biology)
Ume� University - Department of Chemistry
Postdoctoral position in Experimental Quantum Plasmonics and Nanophotonics
Aalto University
Two faculty positions in condensed matter physics with focus on energy and quantum materials
University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam
PostDoc in Plant Physiology
Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.
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News & Views


Triplet state brightens upconversion    pp378 - 379
Jiajia Zhou & Dayong Jin

Measuring molecular mass with light    pp380 - 381
Kyu Young Han & Taekjip Ha

Paper electronics    p381
Noriaki Horiuchi

Giant anisotropy detected    pp382 - 383
Jian Wang & Kirill Kovnir

Electrically tuned nonlinearity    pp383 - 385
Zhipei Sun



Phase-matched extreme-ultraviolet frequency-comb generation    pp387 - 391
Gil Porat, Christoph M. Heyl, Stephen B. Schoun, Craig Benko, Nadine Dörre et al.

Using high-temperature gas mixtures as the generation medium to increase the translational velocity of Xe atoms through the focus of a femtosecond enhancement cavity, phase-matched extreme-ultraviolet emission at a repetition rate of 77 MHz and with an average power of ~2 mW in a single harmonic order is achieved.


Giant optical anisotropy in a quasi-one-dimensional crystal    pp392 - 396
Shanyuan Niu, Graham Joe, Huan Zhao, Yucheng Zhou, Thomas Orvis et al.

Highly crystalline BaTiS3 has been shown to exhibit record-breaking birefringence of 0.76 in the wavelength range of 7–16 μm. The large anisotropy is a result of its quasi-one-dimensional structure.


Experimental observation of a polarization vortex at an optical bound state in the continuum    pp397 - 401
Hugo M. Doeleman, Francesco Monticone, Wouter den Hollander, Andrea Alù & A. Femius Koenderink

Previous predictions that light radiated by modes around a bound state in the continuum (BIC) condition should exhibit a vortex in the far-field polarization profile are experimentally confirmed. The findings shed light on the origin of BICs.




Enrichment of molecular antenna triplets amplifies upconverting nanoparticle emission    pp402 - 407
David J. Garfield, Nicholas J. Borys, Samia M. Hamed, Nicole A. Torquato, Cheryl A. Tajon et al.

Lanthanide-doped upconverting nanoparticles exhibiting a 33,000 times increase in brightness and a 100 times increase in efficiency over bare upconverting nanoparticles are demonstrated. The findings are relevant in fields from solar energy to biophotonics.


Topological protection of photonic mid-gap defect modes    pp408 - 415
Jiho Noh, Wladimir A. Benalcazar, Sheng Huang, Matthew J. Collins, Kevin P. Chen et al.

Eigenmodes of photonic crystal defects have now been topologically protected in an experimental demonstration that also shows how to minimize the mode volume.


Femtosecond laser crosslinking of the cornea for non-invasive vision correction    pp416 - 422
Chao Wang, Mikhail Fomovsky, Guanxiong Miao, Mariya Zyablitskaya & Sinisa Vukelic

Laser-driven crosslinking of molecules at the cornea offers a non-invasive alternative to surgical correction of the refractive power of the eye.


Control of semiconductor emitter frequency by increasing polariton momenta    pp423 - 429
Yaniv Kurman, Nicholas Rivera, Thomas Christensen, Shai Tsesses, Meir Orenstein et al.

While modifications of emission and absorption rates are commonplace in photonics, similar manipulations of emitter transition frequencies are challenging. Here, 2D polaritons in graphene are predicted to enable non-vertical electronic transitions in a quantum well, controlling the transition frequencies by inducing an effective non-locality.


Gate-tunable third-order nonlinear optical response of massless Dirac fermions in graphene    pp430 - 436
Tao Jiang, Di Huang, Jinluo Cheng, Xiaodong Fan, Zhihong Zhang et al.

Third-harmonic generation and four-wave mixing of light can be enhanced in graphene with gate tuning to adjust the doping level. The findings may lead to new graphene-based nonlinear optoelectronic devices.


Amendments & Corrections


Publisher Correction: Spatiotemporal control of laser intensity    p437
Dustin H. Froula, David Turnbull, Andrew S. Davies, Terrance J. Kessler, Dan Haberberger et al.

Publisher Correction: Universal impedance matching and the perfect transmission of white light    p437
Ku Im, Ji-Hun Kang & Q-Han Park

Publisher Correction: Massively parallel sensing of trace molecules and their isotopologues with broadband subharmonic mid-infrared frequency combs    p437
A. V. Muraviev, V. O. Smolski, Z. E. Loparo & K. L. Vodopyanov

Publisher Correction: View from... MTSA 2017/Tera Nano 8/Opto X Nano: Terahertz surprises    p438
Noriaki Horiuchi

Author Correction: Combined multi-plane phase retrieval and super-resolution optical fluctuation imaging for 4D cell microscopy    p438
A. Descloux, K. S. Grußmayer, E. Bostan, T. Lukes, A. Bouwens et al.

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