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  03 July 2018    
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Chemical Sciences

A broadband tunable terahertz negative refractive index metamaterial ▶


Fang Ling, Zheqiang Zhong, Renshuai Huang et al.


Potential Application of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Rhizobium Immobilized in Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes to Adsorb Hexavalent Chromium ▶


T. Sathvika, Amitesh Soni, Kriti Sharma et al.


Semi-metals as potential thermoelectric materials ▶


Maxime Markov, Xixiao Hu, Han-Chun Liu et al.


Uhlmann curvature in dissipative phase transitions ▶


Angelo Carollo, Bernardo Spagnolo, Davide Valenti


Correction of center of rotation and projection angle in synchrotron X-ray computed tomography ▶


Chang-Chieh Cheng, Yu-Tai Ching, Pai-Hung Ko et al.


Optimization-based design of an elastostatic cloaking device ▶


Víctor D. Fachinotti, Ignacio Peralta, Alejandro E. Albanesi


Ultra-broadband and compact graphene-on-silicon integrated waveguide mode filters ▶


Peng Xing, Kelvin J. A. Ooi, Dawn T. H. Tan


Photophysical properties of cationic dyes captured in the mesoscale channels of micron-sized metal-organic framework crystals ▶


In-Hwan Choi, Suk Bin Yoon, Seong Huh et al.


Light Emitting Diodes based Photoacoustic Imaging and Potential Clinical Applications ▶


Yunhao Zhu, Guan Xu, Jie Yuan et al.


Surface reconstruction in gold nanowires ▶


Yasuchika Suzuki, Tokushi Kizuka


Creation of independently controllable multiple focal spots from segmented Pancharatnam-Berry phases ▶


Peng Li, Xuyue Guo, Shuxia Qi et al.


Visualization of solute diffusion into cell walls in solution-impregnated wood under varying relative humidity using time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry ▶


Peiming Zheng, Dan Aoki, Masako Seki et al.


Detection of small bunches of ions using image charges ▶


Paul Räcke, Daniel Spemann, Jürgen W. Gerlach et al.


Nanostructure, structural stability, and diffusion characteristics of layered coatings for heat-assisted magnetic recording head media ▶


J. Matlak, E. Rismaniyazdi, K. Komvopoulos


Non-Linear Self-Heating in Organic Transistors Reaching High Power Densities ▶


Markus P. Klinger, Axel Fischer, Hans Kleemann et al.


Normal Mode Splitting in a Moving-Particles-Pumped Mechanical Oscillator: Clamped-Hinged Homogeneous Beam ▶


Zhi Sun


Kinked silicon nanowires-enabled interweaving electrode configuration for lithium-ion batteries ▶


Georgiana Sandu, Michael Coulombier, Vishank Kumar et al.


Predicting the Enthalpy and Gibbs Energy of Sublimation by QSPR Modeling ▶


Nastaran Meftahi, Michael L. Walker, Marta Enciso et al.


Positron Annihilation Studies on Chemically Synthesized FeCo Alloy ▶


P. Rajesh, S. Sellaiyan, A. Uedono et al.


Strong activation effect on a ru-co-c thin film catalyst for the hydrolysis of sodium borohydride ▶


G. M. Arzac, M. Paladini, V. Godinho et al.


Green and facile synthesis of few-layer graphene via liquid exfoliation process for Lithium-ion batteries ▶


Pin-Chun Lin, Jhao-Yi Wu, Wei-Ren Liu


Generation of hydroxyl radicals by Fe-polyphenol-activated CaO2 as a potential treatment for soil-borne diseases ▶


Cláudio Kendi Morikawa


Novel haptens and monoclonal antibodies with subnanomolar affinity for a classical analytical target, ochratoxin A ▶


Daniel López-Puertollano, Josep V. Mercader, Consuelo Agulló et al.


Amorphous Carbon Dots and their Remarkable Ability to Detect 2,4,6-Trinitrophenol ▶


Abu Bakar Siddique, Ashit Kumar Pramanick, Subrata Chatterjee et al.


Optically-Monitored Nanopore Fabrication Using a Focused Laser Beam ▶


Tal Gilboa, Adam Zrehen, Arik Girsault et al.


Chair Heterogeneity Index: Describing the dose heterogeneity inside the tumor volume where there is a boost volume ▶


Jinming Mu, Dan Xi, Yun Ding et al.


Enhancing Surface Sensing Sensitivity of Metallic Nanostructures using Blue-Shifted Surface Plasmon Mode and Fano Resonance ▶


Kuang-Li Lee, Chia-Chun Chang, Meng-Lin You et al.


High Modularity Creates Scaling Laws ▶


Peter Grindrod, Desmond J. Higham

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