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  10 July 2018    
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Physical Sciences

Layer-by-layer hybrid chemical doping for high transmittance uniformity in graphene-polymer flexible transparent conductive nanocomposite ▶


Chandan Biswas, Idris Candan, Yazeed Alaskar et al.


The phase-separation mechanism of a binary mixture in a ring trimer ▶


Vittorio Penna, Andrea Richaud


Electrical Detection of Charge-to-spin and Spin-to-Charge Conversion in a Topological Insulator Bi2Te3 Using BN/Al2O3 Hybrid Tunnel Barrier ▶


C. H. Li, O. M. J. van ‘t Erve, C. Yan et al.


Irradiation-based design of mechanically resistant microstructures tuned via multiscale phase-field modeling ▶


Gilles Demange, Sylvain Dépinoy, Laurence Lunéville et al.


Quantitative characterization of high temperature oxidation using electron tomography and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy ▶


Jihan Zhou, Matthew Taylor, Georgian A. Melinte et al.


A compact diffractive sorter for high-resolution demultiplexing of orbital angular momentum beams ▶


Gianluca Ruffato, Marcello Girardi, Michele Massari et al.


Effect of different filling tendencies on the spatial quantum Zeno effect ▶


Xin Zhang, Chang Xu, Zhongzhou Ren et al.


Plasma-Induced Phase Transformation of SnS2 to SnS ▶


Jung Ho Kim, Seok Joon Yun, Hyun Seok Lee et al.


Microstructure characterization of BaSnO3 thin films on LaAlO3 and PrScO3 substrates from transmission electron microscopy ▶


Hwanhui Yun, Koustav Ganguly, William Postiglione et al.


Crossover from Jamming to Clogging Behaviours in Heterogeneous Environments ▶


H. Péter, A. Libál, C. Reichhardt et al.


Change in the magnetic configurations of tubular nanostructures by tuning dipolar interactions ▶


H. D. Salinas, J. Restrepo, Òscar Iglesias


Contactless Fluid Manipulation in Air: Droplet Coalescence and Active Mixing by Acoustic Levitation ▶


Ayumu Watanabe, Koji Hasegawa, Yutaka Abe


Fluidically Switchable Metasurface for Wide Spectrum Absorption ▶


Saptarshi Ghosh, Sungjoon Lim


Structural determination of bilayer graphene on SiC(0001) using synchrotron radiation photoelectron diffraction ▶


I. Razado-Colambo, J. Avila, D. Vignaud et al.


CAP modifies the structure of a model protein from thermophilic bacteria: mechanisms of CAP-mediated inactivation ▶


Pankaj Attri, Jeongmin Han, Sooho Choi et al.


Low-Frequency Raman Spectroscopy of Few-Layer 2H-SnS2 ▶


Tharith Sriv, Kangwon Kim, Hyeonsik Cheong


Metastable phase formation of Pt-X (X = Ir, Au) thin films ▶


Aparna Saksena, Yu-Chuan Chien, Keke Chang et al.


Electron heating in rf capacitive discharges at atmospheric-to-subatmospheric pressures ▶


Sanghoo Park, Wonho Choe, Holak Kim


Large second harmonic generation in alloyed TMDs and boron nitride nanostructures ▶


Michael C. Lucking, Kory Beach, Humberto Terrones


A misaligned magneto-optical trap to enable miniaturized atom chip systems ▶


Ritayan Roy, Jo Rushton, Andrei Dragomir et al.


Interaction between hydrogen and gallium vacancies in β-Ga2O3 ▶


Yidan Wei, Xingji Li, Jianqun Yang et al.


Single Walled BiI3 Nanotubes Encapsulated within Carbon Nanotubes ▶


Anumol Erumpukuthickal Ashokkumar, Andrey N. Enyashin, Francis Leonard Deepak


Towards Laser-Textured Antibacterial Surfaces ▶


Adrian H. A. Lutey, Laura Gemini, Luca Romoli et al.


An exciton-polariton bolometer for terahertz radiation detection ▶


G. G. Paschos, T. C. H. Liew, Z. Hatzopoulos et al.


Acoustic analog computing system based on labyrinthine metasurfaces ▶


Shuyu Zuo, Qi Wei, Ye Tian et al.


Physical Insight on Mechanism of Photoinduced Charge Transfer in Multipolar Photoactive Molecules ▶


Yuanzuo Li, Chaofan Sun, Peng Song et al.


Two-step breakdown of a SiN membrane for nanopore fabrication: Formation of thin portion and penetration ▶


Itaru Yanagi, Hirotaka Hamamura, Rena Akahori et al.


Combing signal processing methods with algorithm priori information to produce synergetic improvements on continuous imaging of brain electrical impedance tomography ▶


Haoting Li, Rongqing Chen, Canhua Xu et al.


Tweaking the Electronic and Optical Properties of α-MoO3 by Sulphur and Selenium Doping – a Density Functional Theory Study ▶


Sateesh Bandaru, Govindarajan Saranya, Niall J. English et al.


Unraveling the Mesoscale Evolution of Microstructure during Supersonic Impact of Aluminum Powder Particles ▶


Sumit Suresh, Seok-Woo Lee, Mark Aindow et al.


Floquet Weyl Magnons in Three-Dimensional Quantum Magnets ▶


S. A. Owerre

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