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  17 July 2018    
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Physical Sciences

Silver oxide decomposition mediated direct bonding of silicon-based materials ▶


Tomoki Matsuda, Kota Inami, Keita Motoyama et al.


Effect of Nitrogen Doping and Temperature on Mechanical Durability of Silicon Carbide Thin Films ▶


Jan Tomastik, Radim Ctvrtlik, Tomas Ingr et al.


Deep-UV photoinduced chemical patterning at the micro- and nanoscale for directed self-assembly ▶


Benjamin Leuschel, Agnieszka Gwiazda, Wajdi Heni et al.


Nucleation Mechanisms of CO2 Hydrate Reflected by Gas Solubility ▶


Peng Zhang, Qingbai Wu, Cuicui Mu et al.


Squeezing dynamics of a nanowire system with spin-orbit interaction ▶


R. I. Mohamed, Ahmed Farouk, A. H. Homid et al.


Preparation from a revisited wet chemical route of phase-pure, monocrystalline and SHG-efficient BiFeO3 nanoparticles for harmonic bio-imaging ▶


Gareth Clarke, Andrii Rogov, Sarah McCarthy et al.


Gas Phase Chemical Evolution of Uranium, Aluminum, and Iron Oxides ▶


Batikan Koroglu, Scott Wagnon, Zurong Dai et al.


Hyperspectral near infrared imaging quantifies the heterogeneity of carbon materials ▶


Mikko Mäkelä, Paul Geladi


Ultrahigh-temperature tensile creep of TiC-reinforced Mo-Si-B-based alloy ▶


Shiho Yamamoto Kamata, Daiki Kanekon, Yuanyuan Lu et al.


Efficient Blue-emitting Phosphor SrLu2O4:Ce3+ with High Thermal Stability for Near Ultraviolet (~400 nm) LED-Chip based White LEDs ▶


Sheng Zhang, Zhendong Hao, Liangliang Zhang et al.


Thermostatic properties of nitrate molten salts and their solar and eutectic mixtures ▶


B. D’Aguanno, M. Karthik, A. N. Grace et al.


Direct electric field control of the skyrmion phase in a magnetoelectric insulator ▶


A. J. Kruchkov, J. S. White, M. Bartkowiak et al.


Bridging the scales in high-throughput dielectrophoretic (bio-)particle separation in porous media ▶


Georg R. Pesch, Malte Lorenz, Shaurya Sachdev et al.


Circular-polarized-light-induced spin polarization characterized for the Dirac-cone surface state at W(110) with C2v symmetry ▶


K. Miyamoto, H. Wortelen, T. Okuda et al.


Multilayered Plasmonic Heterostructure of Gold and Titania Nanoparticles for Solar Fuel Production ▶


Jeonga Kim, Ho Yeon Son, Yoon Sung Nam

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