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  24 July 2018    
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Biological Sciences

Coactivation of MEP-biosynthetic genes and accumulation of abietane diterpenes in Salvia sclarea by heterologous expression of WRKY and MYC2 transcription factors ▶


Mariaevelina Alfieri, Maria Carmela Vaccaro, Elisa Cappetta et al.


Sequential Effects in SNARC ▶


Dinis Gökaydin, Peter Brugger, Tobias Loetscher


The role of the baroreflex and parasympathetic nervous system in fructose-induced cardiac and metabolic alterations ▶


Fernando dos Santos, Ivana C. Moraes-Silva, Edson D. Moreira et al.


Gene expression related to trehalose metabolism and its effect on Volvariella volvacea under low temperature stress ▶


Xu Zhao, Xiaoxia Song, Yapeng Li et al.


Cellular-resolution 3D virtual histology of human coronary arteries using x-ray phase tomography ▶


William Vågberg, Jonas Persson, Laszlo Szekely et al.


A simple strategy for retargeting lentiviral vectors to desired cell types via a disulfide-bond-forming protein-peptide pair ▶


Nagarjun Kasaraneni, Ana M. Chamoun-Emanuelli, Gus A. Wright et al.


Library screening of cell-penetrating peptide for BY-2 cells, leaves of Arabidopsis, tobacco, tomato, poplar, and rice callus ▶


Keiji Numata, Yoko Horii, Kazusato Oikawa et al.


Circ2Disease: a manually curated database of experimentally validated circRNAs in human disease ▶


Dongxia Yao, Lei Zhang, Mengyue Zheng et al.


Phenological tracking associated with increased salmon consumption by brown bears ▶


William W. Deacy, Joy A. Erlenbach, William B. Leacock et al.


Intact glycosphingolipidomic analysis of the cell membrane during differentiation yields extensive glycan and lipid changes ▶


Maurice Wong, Gege Xu, Dayoung Park et al.


The alerting effect of the wake maintenance zone during 40 hours of sleep deprivation ▶


Jan de Zeeuw, Sophia Wisniewski, Alexandra Papakonstantinou et al.


Force field adaptation does not alter space representation ▶


Carine Michel, Lucie Bonnetain, Sarah Amoura et al.


Anaesthetic Effects of Eugenol on Grass Shrimp (Palaemonetes sinensis) of Different Sizes at Different Concentrations and Temperatures ▶


Yingdong Li, Qiuxin She, Zhibin Han et al.


Intestinal crypts recover rapidly from focal damage with coordinated motion of stem cells that is impaired by aging ▶


Jiahn Choi, Nikolai Rakhilin, Poornima Gadamsetty et al.


Orbital Frontal Cortex Projections to Secondary Motor Cortex Mediate Exploitation of Learned Rules ▶


Drew C. Schreiner, Christina M. Gremel


Uncaria tomentosa improves insulin sensitivity and inflammation in experimental NAFLD ▶


Layanne C. C. Araujo, Karla B. Feitosa, Gilson M. Murata et al.


Assessment of DNA-PKcs kinase activity by quantum dot–based microarray ▶


Florian Lafont, Nizar Ayadi, Cathy Charlier et al.


Nitric oxide dependent signaling via cyclic GMP in dendritic cells regulates migration and T-cell polarization ▶


Stefanie Gnipp, Evanthia Mergia, Michelle Puschkarow et al.


A simple model of mechanical effects to estimate metabolic cost of human walking ▶


Salman Faraji, Amy R. Wu, Auke J. Ijspeert


Evidence for excessive osteoclast activation in SIRT6 null mice ▶


Demao Zhang, Junjun Jing, Feng Lou et al.


Sympathetic inputs regulate adaptive thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue through cAMP-Salt inducible kinase axis ▶


Esther Paulo, Dongmei Wu, Yangmeng Wang et al.


Genetic diversity and selection signatures of the beef ‘Charolais de Cuba’ breed ▶


Yoel Rodriguez-Valera, Gilles Renand, Michel Naves et al.


Discrete, high-latitude foraging areas are important to energy budgets and population dynamics of migratory leatherback turtles ▶


Bryan P. Wallace, Michael Zolkewitz, Michael C. James


Experimentally induced metamorphosis in highly regenerative axolotl (ambystoma mexicanum) under constant diet restructures microbiota ▶


Turan Demircan, Guvanch Ovezmyradov, Berna Yıldırım et al.


Attachment ability of the polyphagous bug Nezara viridula (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) to different host plant surfaces ▶


Gianandrea Salerno, Manuela Rebora, Elena Gorb et al.


Neuroepithelial control of mucosal inflammation in acute cystitis ▶


Daniel S. C. Butler, Ines Ambite, Karoly Nagy et al.


CYP2C9 and OATP1B1 genetic polymorphisms affect the metabolism and transport of glimepiride and gliclazide ▶


Fayou Yang, Xiaomin Xiong, Yonghua Liu et al.


Temporal analysis of Arabidopsis genes activated by Eucalyptus grandis NAC transcription factors associated with xylem fibre and vessel development ▶


M. Laubscher, K. Brown, L. B. Tonfack et al.


Analysis of the influence of imaging-related uncertainties on cerebral aneurysm deformation quantification using a no-deformation physical flow phantom ▶


Daniel Schetelig, Jan Sedlacik, Jens Fiehler et al.


Integrated mRNA, sRNA, and degradome sequencing reveal oilseed rape complex responses to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) infection ▶


Hongju Jian, Jinqi Ma, Lijuan Wei et al.


Narrative and active video game in separate and additive effects of physical activity and cognitive function among young adults ▶


Jungyun Hwang, Amy Shirong Lu


Food Chemicals Disrupt Human Gut Microbiota Activity And Impact Intestinal Homeostasis As Revealed By In Vitro Systems ▶


Clémence Defois, Jérémy Ratel, Ghislain Garrait et al.


Slippage of degenerate primers can cause variation in amplicon length ▶


Vasco Elbrecht, Paul D. N. Hebert, Dirk Steinke


Prevascularization of dermal substitutes with adipose tissue-derived microvascular fragments enhances early skin grafting ▶


Florian S. Frueh, Thomas Später, Christina Körbel et al.


The lincRNA MIRAT binds to IQGAP1 and modulates the MAPK pathway in NRAS mutant melanoma ▶


Martina Sanlorenzo, Igor Vujic, Rosaura Esteve-Puig et al.


Inter-individual differences in contamination profiles as tracer of social group association in stranded sperm whales ▶


Joseph G. Schnitzler, Marianna Pinzone, Marijke Autenrieth et al.


Embryonic germ cell extracts erase imprinted genes and improve the efficiency of induced pluripotent stem cells ▶


Jing Hu, Qiaoshi Zhao, Yukuan Feng et al.


The Effect of Size Statistics of the Background Texture on Perceived Target Size ▶


Chia-Ching Wu, Chien-Chung Chen


Faster growth with shorter antigens can explain a VSG hierarchy during African trypanosome infections: a feint attack by parasites ▶


Dianbo Liu, Luca Albergante, T. J. Newman et al.


Plasmodium falciparum RUVBL3 protein: a novel DNA modifying enzyme and an interacting partner of essential HAT protein MYST ▶


Utsav Sen, Himani Saxena, Juhi Khurana et al.


Cytokine Regulation in Human CD4 T Cells by the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor and Gq-Coupled Receptors ▶


Jeremy P. McAleer, Jun Fan, Bryanna Roar et al.


Structure of the replication regulator Sap1 reveals functionally important interfaces ▶


Maria M. Jørgensen, Babatunde Ekundayo, Mikel Zaratiegui et al.


Identification and characterization of known and novel microRNAs in strawberry fruits induced by Botrytis cinerea ▶


Yaoxin Liang, Yuhan Guan, Shaoxi Wang et al.


Comparison between complete genomes of an isolate of Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae from Japan and a New Zealand isolate of the pandemic lineage ▶


Russell T. M. Poulter, Joycelyn Ho, Thomas Handley et al.


Large body size constrains dispersal assembly of communities even across short distances ▶


Richard I. Bailey, Freerk Molleman, Chloe Vasseur et al.


Comprehensive map of age-associated splicing changes across human tissues and their contributions to age-associated diseases ▶


Kun Wang, Di Wu, Haoyue Zhang et al.


Multiple Cold-Water Immersions Attenuate Muscle Damage but not Alter Systemic Inflammation and Muscle Function Recovery: A Parallel Randomized Controlled Trial ▶


Angelina Freitas Siqueira, Amilton Vieira, Martim Bottaro et al.


Systematic evaluation of error rates and causes in short samples in next-generation sequencing ▶


Franziska Pfeiffer, Carsten Gröber, Michael Blank et al.


Arylsulphatase A Pseudodeficiency (ARSA-PD), hypertension and chronic renal disease in Aboriginal Australians ▶


Dave Tang, Michaela Fakiola, Genevieve Syn et al.


Transcriptome Profiles of Nod Factor-independent Symbiosis in the Tropical Legume Aeschynomene evenia ▶


Djamel Gully, Pierre Czernic, Stéphane Cruveiller et al.


Phytolith assemblage analysis for the identification of rice paddy ▶


Xiujia Huan, Houyuan Lu, Jianping Zhang et al.


Neandertal fire-making technology inferred from microwear analysis ▶


A. C. Sorensen, E. Claud, M. Soressi


A Novel In Vivo Model to Study Impaired Tissue Regeneration Mediated by Cigarette Smoke ▶


Marjorie Alvarez, Myra N. Chávez, Miguel Miranda et al.


Global investigation of an engineered nitrogen-fixing Escherichia coli strain reveals regulatory coupling between host and heterologous nitrogen-fixation genes ▶


Zhimin Yang, Yunlei Han, Yao Ma et al.


Metabolic Phenotyping and Strain Characterisation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolates from Cystic Fibrosis Patients Using Rapid Evaporative Ionisation Mass Spectrometry ▶


Emmanuelle E. Bardin, Simon J. S. Cameron, Alvaro Perdones-Montero et al.


Substitution of linoleic acid with α-linolenic acid or long chain n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid prevents Western diet induced nonalcoholic steatohepatitis ▶


Sugeedha Jeyapal, Suryam Reddy Kona, Surekha Venkata Mullapudi et al.


Small molecule activator of Nm23/NDPK as an inhibitor of metastasis ▶


Jae-Jin Lee, Hwang Suk Kim, Ji-Sun Lee et al.


Increased testicular blood flow maintains oxygen delivery and avoids testicular hypoxia in response to reduced oxygen content in inspired air ▶


G. Rizzoto, C. Hall, J. V. Tyberg et al.


Chromatin remodeling in Drosophila preblastodermic embryo extract ▶


Eva Šatović, Jofre Font-Mateu, Albert Carbonell et al.


Telomere length and survival in primary cutaneous melanoma patients ▶


Sivaramakrishna Rachakonda, Nalini Srinivas, Seyed Hamidreza Mahmoudpour et al.


Evaluation of Oxford Nanopore’s MinION Sequencing Device for Microbial Whole Genome Sequencing Applications ▶


Andrea D. Tyler, Laura Mataseje, Chantel J. Urfano et al.


Novel 2-phenyloxypyrimidine derivative induces apoptosis and autophagy via inhibiting PI3K pathway and activating MAPK/ERK signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma cells ▶


Jing Wang, Peng Sun, Yijun Chen et al.


Contrasting biogeography and diversity patterns between diatoms and haptophytes in the central Pacific Ocean ▶


Hisashi Endo, Hiroyuki Ogata, Koji Suzuki


Runx1-Stat3 signaling regulates the epithelial stem cells in continuously growing incisors ▶


Safiye E. Sarper, Toshihiro Inubushi, Hiroshi Kurosaka et al.


Interactions of bacteriophage T4 adhesin with selected lipopolysaccharides studied using atomic force microscopy ▶


Ewa Brzozowska, Adam Leśniewski, Sławomir Sęk et al.


Cellular stress induces erythrocyte assembly on intravascular von Willebrand factor strings and promotes microangiopathy ▶


Jan P. Nicolay, Verena Thorn, Christoph Daniel et al.


Chronic Electrical Stimulation Promotes the Excitability and Plasticity of ESC-derived Neurons following Glutamate-induced Inhibition In vitro ▶


Charles-Francois V. Latchoumane, LaDonya Jackson, Mohammad S. Eslampanah Sendi et al.


Characterization of the effects of immunomodulatory drug fingolimod (FTY720) on human T cell receptor signaling pathways ▶


Alan Baer, Winston Colon-Moran, Nirjal Bhattarai


FerA is a Membrane-Associating Four-Helix Bundle Domain in the Ferlin Family of Membrane-Fusion Proteins ▶


Faraz M. Harsini, Sukanya Chebrolu, Kerry L. Fuson et al.


Response Surface Methodology-Genetic Algorithm Based Medium Optimization, Purification, and Characterization of Cholesterol Oxidase from Streptomyces rimosus ▶


Akanksha Srivastava, Vineeta Singh, Shafiul Haque et al.


Triptolide attenuates proteinuria and podocyte apoptosis via inhibition of NF-κB/GADD45B ▶


Ling Wang, Liwen Zhang, Qing Hou et al.


Determination of risk factors for herpesvirus outbreak in oysters using a broad-scale spatial epidemiology framework ▶


Fabrice Pernet, Marine Fuhrmann, Bruno Petton et al.


Prior object-knowledge sharpens properties of early visual feature-detectors ▶


Christoph Teufel, Steven C. Dakin, Paul C. Fletcher


Potent Attractant for Root-Knot Nematodes in Exudates from Seedling Root Tips of Two Host Species ▶


Rasa Čepulytė, Wiseborn B. Danquah, George Bruening et al.


Crystal structure and substrate binding mode of ectonucleotide phosphodiesterase/pyrophosphatase-3 (NPP3) ▶


Christoph Döhler, Matthias Zebisch, Norbert Sträter


A micron-scale surface topography design reducing cell adhesion to implanted materials ▶


Francesco Robotti, Simone Bottan, Federica Fraschetti et al.


Natural menstrual rhythm and oral contraception diversely affect exhaled breath compositions ▶


Pritam Sukul, Jochen K. Schubert, Phillip Trefz et al.


Carbon dioxide stimulates lake primary production ▶


Mohammed Hamdan, Pär Byström, Erin R. Hotchkiss et al.


Rapid oral bacteria detection based on real-time PCR for the forensic identification of saliva ▶


Ju Yeon Jung, Hyun Kyu Yoon, Sanghyun An et al.


Potential of a polyherbal drug to prevent antimicrobial resistance in bacteria to antibiotics ▶


Tapas Kumar Sar, Indranil Samanta, Achintya Mahanti et al.


Label-free multiphoton microscopy reveals relevant tissue changes induced by alginate hydrogel implantation in rat spinal cord injury ▶


Roberta Galli, Kerim H. Sitoci-Ficici, Ortrud Uckermann et al.


Crystal structure of an L chain optimised 14F7 anti-ganglioside Fv suggests a unique tumour-specificity through an unusual H-chain CDR3 architecture ▶


Kaare Bjerregaard-Andersen, Hedda Johannesen, Noha Abdel-Rahman et al.


Segmental Additive Tissue Engineering ▶


Martina Sladkova, Rawan Alawadhi, Rawan Jaragh Alhaddad et al.


Trichromatic perception of flower colour improves resource detection among New World monkeys ▶


J. D. Hogan, L. M. Fedigan, C. Hiramatsu et al.


Immature particles and capsid-free viral RNA produced by Yellow fever virus-infected cells stimulate plasmacytoid dendritic cells to secrete interferons ▶


Laura Sinigaglia, Ségolène Gracias, Elodie Décembre et al.


Motion cues modulate responses to emotion in movies ▶


Eran Dayan, Avi Barliya, Beatrice de Gelder et al.


Engineering the oleaginous red yeast Rhodotorula glutinis for simultaneous β-carotene and cellulase production ▶


Hong-Wei Pi, Marimuthu Anandharaj, Yi-Ying Kao et al.


Steric interference from intrinsically disordered regions controls dynamin-related protein 1 self-assembly during mitochondrial fission ▶


Bin Lu, Bridget Kennedy, Ryan W. Clinton et al.


Biotic and abiotic drivers of tree seedling recruitment across an alpine treeline ecotone ▶


Esther R. Frei, Eva Bianchi, Giulietta Bernareggi et al.


Endocrine cell type sorting and mature architecture in the islets of Langerhans require expression of Roundabout receptors in β cells ▶


Melissa T. Adams, Jennifer M. Gilbert, Jesus Hinojosa Paiz et al.


Mechanical interactions between bacteria and hydrogels ▶


Nehir Kandemir, Waldemar Vollmer, Nicholas S. Jakubovics et al.


How different sterols contribute to saponin tolerant plasma membranes in sea cucumbers ▶


Emily J. S. Claereboudt, Igor Eeckhaut, Laurence Lins et al.


GOATOOLS: A Python library for Gene Ontology analyses ▶


D. V. Klopfenstein, Liangsheng Zhang, Brent S. Pedersen et al.


Ranking genome-wide correlation measurements improves microarray and RNA-seq based global and targeted co-expression networks ▶


Franziska Liesecke, Dimitri Daudu, Rodolphe Dugé de Bernonville et al.


Extract from Aphloia theiformis, an edible indigenous plant from Reunion Island, impairs Zika virus attachment to the host cell surface ▶


Elodie Clain, Laura Sinigaglia, Andrea Cristine Koishi et al.


Nuclear Norm Clustering: a promising alternative method for clustering tasks ▶


Yi Wang, Yi Li, Chunhong Qiao et al.


Inactivation of TCA cycle enhances Staphylococcus aureus persister cell formation in stationary phase ▶


Ying Wang, Martin Saxtorph Bojer, Shilpa Elizabeth George et al.


An integrative approach to discovering cryptic species within the Bemisia tabaci whitefly species complex ▶


Soňa Vyskočilová, Wee Tek Tay, Sharon van Brunschot et al.


Developmental arrest in Drosophila melanogaster caused by mitochondrial DNA replication defects cannot be rescued by the alternative oxidase ▶


Ana Paula C. Rodrigues, André F. Camargo, Ana Andjelković et al.


Non-canonicaly recruited TCRαβCD8αα IELs recognize microbial antigens ▶


Lukasz Wojciech, Edyta Szurek, Michal Kuczma et al.


MDC1 methylation mediated by lysine methyltransferases EHMT1 and EHMT2 regulates active ATM accumulation flanking DNA damage sites ▶


Sugiko Watanabe, Makoto Iimori, David Virya Chan et al.


Reading and Myopia: Contrast Polarity Matters ▶


Andrea C. Aleman, Min Wang, Frank Schaeffel


Evaluating the potential of residual Pap test fluid as a resource for the metaproteomic analysis of the cervical-vaginal microbiome ▶


Somaieh Afiuni-Zadeh, Kristin L. M. Boylan, Pratik D. Jagtap et al.


A dual-fMRI investigation of the iterated Ultimatum Game reveals that reciprocal behaviour is associated with neural alignment ▶


Daniel J. Shaw, Kristína Czekóová, Rostislav Staněk et al.


Electrostatic Tuning of the Ligand Binding Mechanism by Glu27 in Nitrophorin 7 ▶


Stefania Abbruzzetti, Alessandro Allegri, Axel Bidon-Chanal et al.

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