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  24 July 2018    
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Chemical Sciences

Three-dimensional chemical mapping using non-destructive SEM and photogrammetry ▶


Lionel C. Gontard, Moisés Batista, Jorge Salguero et al.


Single crystal growth, optical absorption and luminescence properties under VUV-UV synchrotron excitation of type III Ce3+:KGd(PO3)4, a promising scintillator material ▶


Irina Adell, Rosa Maria Solé, Maria Cinta Pujol et al.


3D Printed Microfluidic Probes ▶


Ayoola Brimmo, Pierre-Alexandre Goyette, Roaa Alnemari et al.


High resolution low kV EBSD of heavily deformed and nanocrystalline Aluminium by dictionary-based indexing ▶


Saransh Singh, Yi Guo, Bartłomiej Winiarski et al.


Thin Film of Amorphous Zinc Hydroxide Semiconductor for Optical Devices with an Energy-Efficient Beneficial Coating by Metal Organic Decomposition Process ▶


Makoto Karakawa, Tohru Sugahara, Yukiko Hirose et al.


The case for rejecting the memristor as a fundamental circuit element ▶


Isaac Abraham


Ultrafast Imaging of Laser Driven Shock Waves using Betatron X-rays from a Laser Wakefield Accelerator ▶


J. C. Wood, D. J. Chapman, K. Poder et al.


Insight into the optoelectronic properties of designed solar cells efficient tetrahydroquinoline dye-sensitizers on TiO2(101) surface: first principles approach ▶


Juganta K. Roy, Supratik Kar, Jerzy Leszczynski


Temporal intensity correlation of bunched light from a warm atomic vapor with a ladder-type two-photon transition ▶


Jiho Park, Taek Jeong, Han Seb Moon


Spotlight on the New Natural Surfactant Flooding in Carbonate Rock Samples in Low Salinity Condition ▶


Mohammad Ali Ahmadi, Seyed Reza Shadizadeh


Low-Temperature Ionic Layer Adsorption and Reaction Grown Anatase TiO2 Nanocrystalline Films for Efficient Perovskite Solar Cell and Gas Sensor Applications ▶


Shoyebmohamad F. Shaikh, Balaji G. Ghule, Umesh T. Nakate et al.


Preparation of Macrometallocycle and Selective Sensor for Copper Ion ▶


Yingjie Liu, Zhixiang Zhao, Qingxiang Liu


Collective resonances near zero energy induced by a point defect in bilayer graphene ▶


Jhih-Shih You, Jian-Ming Tang, Wen-Min Huang


Stable symmetry-protected 3D embedded solitons in Bose–Einstein condensates ▶


V. Delgado, A. Muñoz Mateo


Tuning the structure of the Josephson vortex lattice in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ single crystals with pancake vortices ▶


P. J. Curran, H. A. Mohammed, S. J. Bending et al.


A Multifunctional Interlayer for Solution Processed High Performance Indium Oxide Transistors ▶


Adrica Kyndiah, Abduleziz Ablat, Seymour Guyot-Reeb et al.


Study of an AC dielectric barrier single micro-discharge filament over a water film ▶


Patrick Vanraes, Anton Nikiforov, Annemie Bogaerts et al.


Rotating magnetocaloric effect and unusual magnetic features in metallic strongly anisotropic geometrically frustrated TmB4 ▶


Matúš Orendáč, Slavomír Gabáni, Emil Gažo et al.


Enhanced Corrosion Protection Performance by Organic-Inorganic Materials Containing Thiocarbonyl Compounds ▶


Wail Al Zoubi, Young Gun Ko


A novel high-power all-fiberized flexible spectral filter for high power linearly-polarized Raman fiber laser ▶


Jiaxin Song, Haiyang Xu, Jun Ye et al.


Long-range non-diffusive spin transfer in a Hall insulator ▶


L. V. Kulik, V. A. Kuznetsov, A. S. Zhuravlev et al.


Native point defects of semiconducting layered Bi2O2Se ▶


Huanglong Li, Xintong Xu, Yi Zhang et al.


Scalable photonic reinforcement learning by time-division multiplexing of laser chaos ▶


Makoto Naruse, Takatomo Mihana, Hirokazu Hori et al.


Weighted Betweenness Preferential Attachment: A New Mechanism Explaining Social Network Formation and Evolution ▶


Alexandru Topirceanu, Mihai Udrescu, Radu Marculescu


Magnetic resonance as a local probe for kagomé magnetism in Barlowite Cu4(OH)6FBr ▶


K. M. Ranjith, C. Klein, A. A. Tsirlin et al.


How driving rates determine the statistics of driven non-equilibrium systems with stationary distributions ▶


Bernat Corominas-Murtra, Rudolf Hanel, Leonardo Zavojanni et al.


Magnetoelectric Spin Wave Modulator Based On Synthetic Multiferroic Structure ▶


Michael Balinskiy, Andres C. Chavez, Anthony Barra et al.


Point-driven modern Chladni figures with symmetry breaking ▶


P. H. Tuan, Y. H. Lai, C. P. Wen et al.


Evolution of rough-surface geometry and crystalline structures of aligned TiO2 nanotubes for photoelectrochemical water splitting ▶


Maryam Zare, Shahram Solaymani, Azizollah Shafiekhani et al.


Compressing Networks with Super Nodes ▶


Natalie Stanley, Roland Kwitt, Marc Niethammer et al.


Automatic multiple zebrafish tracking based on improved HOG features ▶


Yun-Xiang Bai, Shu-Hui Zhang, Zhi Fan et al.


Electrical Transport and Power Dissipation in Aerosol-Jet-Printed Graphene Interconnects ▶


Twinkle Pandhi, Eric Kreit, Roberto Aga et al.


Advances in single-scan time-encoding magnetic resonance imaging ▶


Sina Marhabaie, Geoffrey Bodenhausen, Philippe Pelupessy


Reduction of the forming voltage through tailored oxygen non-stoichiometry in tantalum oxide ReRAM devices ▶


Katharina Skaja, Michael Andrä, Vikas Rana et al.


Control energy of complex networks towards distinct mixture states ▶


Sen Nie, H. Eugene Stanley, Shi-Ming Chen et al.

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