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August 2018 Volume 20, Issue 8

News & Views
Review Articles
Technical Reports
Amendments & Corrections

Scientific Reports Top 100 in Plant Science This collection presents the top 100 most highly accessed plant science articles published in Scientific Reports in 2017. Access the collection >>>


Neural cell isolation and analysis - training course
(Oct 23-24, 2018)

This 2-day hands-on training course at Miltenyi Biotec (Germany) focusses on enabling and improving cellular and molecular studies of neural cells. Combined lectures and practical lab sessions cover methods required to isolate and analyze defined cell populations from early postnatal to adult brain.
Communications Biology: Open for Submissions Communications Biology is a new open access journal that publishes high-quality primary research articles, reviews and commentary representing significant advances and new insights to the field of biology. The journal is now open for submissions. Find out more >>>



Decoding cancer metastasis    p859

News & Views


The mechanics of metastatic seeding    pp860 - 862
Matthia A. Karreman & Frank Winkler

Assembling a protective shield    pp862 - 863
Roger A Greenberg

Limited gut cell repertoire for multiple hormones    pp865 - 867
Ramesh A. Shivdasani

FAPs are sensors for skeletal myofibre atrophy    pp864 - 865
Giovanna Marazzi & David Sassoon

Nature Cell Biology
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Review Articles


Metastatic niche functions and therapeutic opportunities    pp868 - 877
Toni Celià-Terrassa & Yibin Kang

Celia-Terrassa and Kang discuss specialized functions of distinct metastatic niches, and how the emerging knowledge can be leveraged for improved therapeutic opportunities.


Deconstructing and reconstructing the mouse and human early embryo    pp878 - 887
Marta N. Shahbazi & Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz

Shahbazi et al. review our current understanding of the post-implantation mammalian embryo and how innovative technologies have helped to shape it.


YAP/TAZ upstream signals and downstream responses    pp888 - 899
Antonio Totaro, Tito Panciera & Stefano Piccolo

Stefano Piccolo and co-authors review recent insights into how YAP and TAZ transcription factors respond to the tissue environment, and how they mediate altered cell behaviour. Feedback mechanisms and crosstalk with other pathways are discussed, as are outstanding questions in the field.




NKX3-1 is required for induced pluripotent stem cell reprogramming and can replace OCT4 in mouse and human iPSC induction    pp900 - 908
Thach Mai, Glenn J. Markov, Jennifer J. Brady, Adelaida Palla, Hong Zeng et al.

Using a heterokaryon system, Mai et al. demonstrate that NKX3-1 is downstream of IL-6–STAT3, regulates endogenous OCT4 expression during human iPSC reprogramming, and can also substitute for exogenous OCT4 in the reprogramming cocktail.


Enteroendocrine cells switch hormone expression along the crypt-to-villus BMP signalling gradient    pp909 - 916
Joep Beumer, Benedetta Artegiani, Yorick Post, Frank Reimann, Fiona Gribble et al.

Beumer et al. show that intestinal enteroendocrine cells adjust their hormonal profile during migration from the crypt to the villus, depending on region-specific BMP signalling.




Denervation-activated STAT3–IL-6 signalling in fibro-adipogenic progenitors promotes myofibres atrophy and fibrosis    pp917 - 927
Luca Madaro, Magda Passafaro, David Sala, Usue Etxaniz, Francesca Lugarini et al.

Madaro et al. show that denervation induces accumulation of IL-6–STAT3-activated fibro-adipogenic progenitors without inflammation or muscle regeneration, leading to muscle atrophy and fibrosis.


Differential regulation of transition zone and centriole proteins contributes to ciliary base diversity    pp928 - 941
Swadhin Chandra Jana, Susana Mendonça, Pedro Machado, Sascha Werner, Jaqueline Rocha et al.

Using electron and three-dimensional structured illumination microscopy methods, Jana et al. characterize the ciliary base in four different cilia types in Drosophila, discovering structural and protein component differences that may be linked to the diversified functions of cilia.


IRE1a governs cytoskeleton remodelling and cell migration through a direct interaction with filamin A    pp942 - 953
Hery Urra, Daniel R. Henriquez, José Cánovas, David Villarroel-Campos, Amado Carreras-Sureda et al.

Urra et al. discover that IRE1a, an ER stress mediator, interacts with filamin A and controls actin dynamics and cell migration in mouse, Drosophila and zebrafish models in a manner independent of its canonical function.


Shieldin complex promotes DNA end-joining and counters homologous recombination in BRCA1-null cells    pp954 - 965
Harveer Dev, Ting-Wei Will Chiang, Chloe Lescale, Inge de Krijger, Alistair G. Martin et al.

Through CRISPR–Cas9 screen, Dev et al. identified that SHLD1/2 inhibition contributes to PARP-inhibitor resistance. Mechanistically, SHLDs promote non-homologous end-joining and antagonize homologous recombination.


Pericyte-like spreading by disseminated cancer cells activates YAP and MRTF for metastatic colonization    pp966 - 978
Ekrem Emrah Er, Manuel Valiente, Karuna Ganesh, Yilong Zou, Saloni Agrawal et al.

Massagué and colleagues show that disseminated cancer cells use L1CAM to spread on capillaries and to achieve their outgrowth through activating YAP signalling.


Technical Reports


Self-assembly of embryonic and two extra-embryonic stem cell types into gastrulating embryo-like structures    pp979 - 989
Berna Sozen, Gianluca Amadei, Andy Cox, Ran Wang, Ellen Na et al.

Sozen et al. devise an approach to combine embryonic stem cells, trophoblast stem cells and extra-embryonic endoderm stem cells into self-assembling embryo-like structures, which recapitulate key hallmarks of gastrulation in vitro.


Amendments & Corrections


Publisher Correction: High-resolution myogenic lineage mapping by single-cell mass cytometry    p990
Ermelinda Porpiglia, Nikolay Samusik, Andrew Tri Van Ho, Benjamin D. Cosgrove, Thach Mai et al.

Publisher Correction: Hitchhiking on selective autophagy    p990
Christian Münch & Ivan Dikic

Publisher Correction: MSK1 regulates luminal cell differentiation and metastatic dormancy in ER+ breast cancer    p990
Sylwia Gawrzak, Lorenzo Rinaldi, Sara Gregorio, Enrique J. Arenas, Fernando Salvador et al.

Author Correction: Transient Scute activation via a self-stimulatory loop directs enteroendocrine cell pair specification from self-renewing intestinal stem cells    p991
Jun Chen, Na Xu, Chenhui Wang, Pin Huang, Huanwei Huang et al.

Author Correction: Segregation of mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmy through a developmental genetic bottleneck in human embryos    p991
Vasileios I. Floros, Angela Pyle, Sabine Dietmann, Wei Wei, Walfred W. C. Tang et al.

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