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Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

August 2018 Volume 17, Issue 8

News and Analysis
Research Highlights

How Top Biotech & Pharma Companies Manage Their Scientific Data

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Expand Your Drug Discovery Pipeline – Targeting Cell Metabolism

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INFORMED: an incubator at the US FDA for driving innovations in data science and agile technology    pp529 - 530
Sean Khozin, Richard Pazdur & Anand Shah
Information Exchange and Data Transformation (INFORMED), a multidisciplinary initiative anchored in the FDA Oncology Center of Excellence, is a decentralized science and technology incubator designed to harness the power of big data and advanced analytics to improve disease outcomes.

News and Analysis


Constrained peptides' time to shine?    pp531 - 533
Chris Morrison
Constrained peptides have long tantalized drug developers with their potential ability to combine the best attributes of antibodies and small molecules. Finally, a handful of constrained peptides are in late-stage clinical trials.

News in Brief

A snapshot of lead-generation strategies    p534
Asher Mullard

REVAMPing antibiotic incentives    p534
Asher Mullard

FDA approves first marijuana-derived product    p534
Asher Mullard

Biobusiness Briefs

Regulatory watch: FDA new drug approvals in Q2 2018    pp536 - 537
Lisa Urquhart

An Audience With

Saurabh Saha    pp538 - 539
Saurabh Saha, head of Translational Medicine at Bristol-Myers Squibb, discusses how new tools are opening up translational opportunities in immuno-oncology

From the analyst's couch

The haemophilia drug market    pp541 - 542
Kerri Brown & Graeme Green
This article discusses the market for therapies for haemophila, which is forecast to change substantially with the recent launch of emicizumab and the potential future approvals of gene therapies and non-factor treatments.

Focus on Autoimmune Disease from Nature Immunology

A series of Reviews specially commissioned by Nature Immunology discuss the genetic, environmental, microbial and cellular factors underpinning autoimmune disease as well as highlight avenues for therapeutic intervention.

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Research Highlights


Anticancer therapy: Metabolic synthetic lethality    p543
M. Teresa Villanueva

Metabolic disorders: IDO inhibitors could change tack to treat metabolic disorders    p544
Megan Cully

Genetic disorders: PI3K inhibitor reverses overgrowth syndrome    p545
Sarah Crunkhorn

In Brief

Cardiovascular disease: Improving cardiomyocyte contractility    p546
Sarah Crunkhorn

Cancer: Releasing tumour suppressors    p546
Sarah Crunkhorn

Infectious disease: Curbing cholera    p546
Sarah Crunkhorn

Autoimmune disease: A human antibody selectively targets regulatory T cells    p546
Grant Otto

Drug Discovery
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Principles for targeting RNA with drug-like small molecules    pp547 - 558
Katherine Deigan Warner, Christine E. Hajdin & Kevin M. Weeks
Recent studies have indicated the potential to develop small-molecule drugs that act on RNA targets, leading to burgeoning interest in the field. This article discusses general principles for discovering small-molecule drugs that target RNA and argues that the overarching challenge is to identify appropriate target structures in disease-causing RNAs that have high information content and, consequently, appropriate ligand-binding pockets.



The expanding role of prodrugs in contemporary drug design and development    pp559 - 587
Jarkko Rautio, Nicholas A. Meanwell, Li Di & Michael J. Hageman
Prodrug strategies can be used to overcome pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic issues in many therapeutic agents. Here, Rautio and colleagues discuss which approaches have been most successful, particularly in the past 10 years, and highlight the challenges in incorporating prodrug moieties during drug development.

Targeting the NLRP3 inflammasome in inflammatory diseases    pp588 - 606
Matthew S. J. Mangan, Edward J. Olhava, William R. Roush, H. Martin Seidel, Gary D. Glick et al.
The inflammasome is a key integration point for innate immunity. As such, targeting this signalling hub has the potential to be useful in numerous autoimmune and metabolic disorders. In this article, Latz and colleagues discuss the progress that has been made towards targeting the inflammasome, highlighting the therapeutic potential of some of these compounds as well as caveats for their use.



Concerns, challenges and promises of high-content analysis of 3D cellular models    p606
Neil Carragher, Filippo Piccinini, Anna Tesei, O. Joseph Trask Jr, Marc Bickle et al.

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