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  31 July 2018    
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Physical Sciences

The Polynomial Volume Law of Complex Networks in the Context of Local and Global Optimization ▶


Franz-Benjamin Mocnik


Influence of the long-range ordering of gold-coated Si nanowires on SERS ▶


Eleonora Cara, Luisa Mandrile, Federico Ferrarese Lupi et al.


Utilization of 3D printing technology to facilitate and standardize soft tissue testing ▶


Mario Scholze, Aqeeda Singh, Pamela F. Lozano et al.


Precise Determination of the Temperature Gradients in Laser-irradiated Ultrathin Magnetic Layers for the Analysis of Thermal Spin Current ▶


Srivathsava Surabhi, Dong-Jun Kim, Phuoc Cao Van et al.


Fields of a Bessel-Bessel light bullet of arbitrary order in an under-dense plasma ▶


Yousef I. Salamin


Formation of unique nanocrystalline Cu-In-Se bulk pn homojunctions for opto-electronic devices ▶


Shalini Menezes, Anura Samantilleke


Super-wide viewing-zone holographic 3D display using a convex parabolic mirror ▶


Yusuke Sando, Kazuo Satoh, Takahiro Kitagawa et al.


Toward Electrically Tunable, Lithography-Free, Ultra-Thin Color Filters Covering the Whole Visible Spectrum ▶


Majid Aalizadeh, Andriy E. Serebryannikov, Amin Khavasi et al.


Dopamine-grafted heparin as an additive to the commercialized carboxymethyl cellulose/styrene-butadiene rubber binder for practical use of SiOx/graphite composite anode ▶


Kukjoo Lee, Sanghyun Lim, Nakgyu Go et al.


Electronic contribution in heat transfer at metal-semiconductor and metal silicide-semiconductor interfaces ▶


Georges Hamaoui, Nicolas Horny, Zilong Hua et al.


Droplet Controlled Growth Dynamics in Molecular Beam Epitaxy of Nitride Semiconductors ▶


Mani Azadmand, Luca Barabani, Sergio Bietti et al.


Galvanomagnetic properties of the putative type-II Dirac semimetal PtTe2 ▶


Orest Pavlosiuk, Dariusz Kaczorowski


Tailoring carbon nanotubes optical properties through chirality-wise silicon ring resonators ▶


Elena Durán-Valdeiglesias, Weiwei Zhang, Carlos Alonso-Ramos et al.


Ethanol as an electrolyte additive for alkaline zinc-air flow batteries ▶


Soraya Hosseini, Siow Jing Han, Amornchai Arponwichanop et al.


Zn2+-triggered self-assembly of Gonadorelin [6-D-Phe] to produce nanostructures and fibrils ▶


Yordanka Yordanova, Willem Vanderlinden, Raphael Stoll et al.


High-contrast switching and high-efficiency extracting for spontaneous emission based on tunable gap surface plasmon ▶


He Hao, Juanjuan Ren, Xueke Duan et al.


First principles calculation of the nonhydrostatic effects on structure and Raman frequency of 3C-SiC ▶


Liu Lei, Yi Li, Liu Hong et al.


Mid-infrared plasmonic multispectral filters ▶


Ang Wang, Yaping Dan


Twist and Polar Glide Symmetries: an Additional Degree of Freedom to Control the Propagation Characteristics of Periodic Structures ▶


Fatemeh Ghasemifard, Martin Norgren, Oscar Quevedo-Teruel


Effective lagrangian for axial anomaly and its applications in Dirac and Weyl semimetals ▶


Chih-Yu Chen, C. D. Hu, Yeu-Chung Lin


Driven nonlinear nanomechanical resonators as digital signal detectors ▶


Yukihiro Tadokoro, Hiroya Tanaka, M. I. Dykman


Incoherent Nuclear Resonant Scattering from a Standing Spin Wave ▶


Jakob Gollwitzer, Lars Bocklage, Kai Schlage et al.


Generation of reconfigurable optical traps for microparticles spatial manipulation through dynamic split lens inspired light structures ▶


Angel Lizana, Haolin Zhang, Alex Turpin et al.


Assessment of High Thermal Effects on Carbon Nanotube (Cnt)- Reinforced Concrete ▶


Hala Elkady, Ahmed Hassan


Onion-like networks are both robust and resilient ▶


Yukio Hayashi, Naoya Uchiyama


Fabrication of self-assembled spherical Gold Particles by pulsed UV Laser Treatment ▶


G. Schmidl, G. Jia, A. Gawlik et al.


Enduring Lagrangian coherence of a Loop Current ring assessed using independent observations ▶


Francisco J. Beron-Vera, María J. Olascoaga, Yan Wang et al.


Minimally-destructive atmospheric ionisation mass spectrometry authenticates authorship of historical manuscripts ▶


James Newton, Gordon Ramage, Nikolaj Gadegaard et al.


Investigation on Anti-Autofluorescence, Osteogenesis and Long-Term Tracking of HA-Based Upconversion Material ▶


Xiyu Li, Qin Zou, Wei Li et al.


Playing with universality classes of Barkhausen avalanches ▶


Felipe Bohn, Gianfranco Durin, Marcio Assolin Correa et al.


Broadband Bending of Flexural Waves: Acoustic Shapes and Patterns ▶


Amir Darabi, Ahmad Zareei, Mohammad-Reza Alam et al.


Facile, environmentally benign and scalable approach to produce pristine few layers graphene suitable for preparing biocompatible polymer nanocomposites ▶


Gejo George, Suja Bhargavan Sisupal, Teenu Tomy et al.


Extracting the multi-timescale activity patterns of online financial markets ▶


Teruyoshi Kobayashi, Anna Sapienza, Emilio Ferrara


Ultra-lightweight superconducting wire based on Mg, B, Ti and Al ▶


P. Kováč, I. Hušek, A. Rosová et al.


Dynamic multistimuli-responsive reversible chiral transformation in supramolecular helices ▶


Santosh Goskulwad, Duong Duc La, Mohammad Al Kobaisi et al.


Superior Strength and Multiple Strengthening Mechanisms in Nanocrystalline TWIP Steel ▶


Jung Gi Kim, Nariman A. Enikeev, Jae Bok Seol et al.


First-principles investigation of the micromechanical properties of fcc-hcp polymorphic high-entropy alloys ▶


Xiaoqing Li, Douglas L. Irving, Levente Vitos

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