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  08 August 2018    
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Climate change is not the only research topic in the Earth and environmental sciences, but few researchers in the discipline work without reference to it. Just as we have depended on them to identify the problem, we look to them for solutions that will help create a better future.
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Earth & Environmental Sciences

Enhanced Defluoridation Using Novel Millisphere Nanocomposite of La-Doped Li-Al Layered Double Hydroxides Supported by Polymeric Anion Exchanger ▶


Jianguo Cai, Yanyang Zhang, Yue Qian et al.


Long-term variation of satellite-based PM2.5 and influence factors over East China ▶


Qianshan He, Fuhai Geng, Chengcai Li et al.


Beyond ritual bronzes: identifying multiple sources of highly radiogenic lead across Chinese history ▶


Ruiliang Liu, Jessica Rawson, A. Mark Pollard


Growth of, and diffusion in, olivine in ultra-fast ascending basalt magmas from Shiveluch volcano ▶


Boris Gordeychik, Tatiana Churikova, Andreas Kronz et al.


Stormwater runoff driven phosphorus transport in an urban residential catchment: Implications for protecting water quality in urban watersheds ▶


Yun-Ya Yang, Gurpal S. Toor


Hierarchical integration of porosity in shales ▶


Lin Ma, Thomas Slater, Patrick J. Dowey et al.


Possible deep connection between volcanic systems evidenced by sequential assimilation of geodetic data ▶


Mary Grace Bato, Virginie Pinel, Yajing Yan et al.


Quantifying Topological Uncertainty in Fractured Systems using Graph Theory and Machine Learning ▶


Gowri Srinivasan, Jeffrey D. Hyman, David A. Osthus et al.


An unusual association of hadrosaur and therizinosaur tracks within Late Cretaceous rocks of Denali National Park, Alaska ▶


Anthony R. Fiorillo, Paul J. McCarthy, Yoshitsugu Kobayashi et al.


CINDY2011/DYNAMO Madden-Julian oscillation successfully reproduced in global cloud/cloud-system resolving simulations despite weak tropical wavelet power ▶


Tomoki Miyakawa, Kazuyoshi Kikuchi


Submarine Groundwater Discharge helps making nearshore waters heterotrophic ▶


Shu-Lun Wang, Chen-Tung Arthur Chen, Ting-Hsuan Huang et al.


Evidence of Systematic Triggering at Teleseismic Distances Following Large Earthquakes ▶


Robert T. O’Malley, Debashis Mondal, Chris Goldfinger et al.


A Novel Semi-Analytical Model for Multi-branched Fractures in Naturally Fractured-Vuggy Reservoirs ▶


Lei Wang, Xiaoxia Chen, Zunyi Xia


Forcing of late Pleistocene ice volume by spatially variable summer energy ▶


Kristian Agasøster Haaga, Jo Brendryen, David Diego et al.


Rapid Quaternary subsidence in the northwestern German North Sea ▶


Jashar Arfai, Dieter Franke, Rüdiger Lutz et al.


The surge of earthquakes in Central Oklahoma has features of reservoir-induced seismicity ▶


Lisa Johann, Serge A. Shapiro, Carsten Dinske


Urban energy exchanges monitoring from space ▶


Nektarios Chrysoulakis, Sue Grimmond, Christian Feigenwinter et al.


Eco-friendly one-pot synthesis of Prussian blue-embedded magnetic hydrogel beads for the removal of cesium from water ▶


Hee-Man Yang, Ju Ri Hwang, Dong Yeop Lee et al.

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The 2nd Int'l Conference on Petrochemical, Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction (PECER 2018)


17.09.18 Chongqing, China


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